New Life Chemical & Equipment, Inc. is a privately owned chemical distribution and custom blending company that operates on Christian principles such as starting each Monday morning (first fruits of our week) with a voluntary hour of devotion for employees. This is usually led by a representative of a ministry or missionary on furlough whom we support from a tithe of our profits. Often we have truck drivers, suppliers, customers, or other Christian business leaders participate in our weekly devotion time.

New Life Chemical & Equipment has a modern 4,300 square foot office facility with 16 plus computers, servers, copiers, faxes, scanners etc. All of our chemical marketing department works in one very large room. This helps us with our communication. We also have two conference rooms, accounting office, production office and break room and storage rooms.

New Life has a brand new 720 square foot quality control and analytical laboratory. This lab is used in evaluating, testing, formulating and recertifying the surplus products that we purchase. We also use the lab to prepare Certificate of Analysis data and Quality Control for the various products we mix or sell. The type of equipment we use in the lab are mixers, hot plates, ovens, titration flasks, PH meter, Brookfield Viscometer, Gas Chromatograph, Colorimeter and Balances.

In our liquid chemical production area we have (6) 3,100 gallon stainless steel half pipe jacketed mixing vessels on load cells, (1) 1,500 gallon stainless steel mix tank with heating coil,on load cells (1) 270 gallon mix tank, a 50 hp Superior Boiler, and a 150 drum Hot Room.  Our Tank Farm has (2) 6,100 gallon stainless steel tanks and (2) 4,000 gallon poly tanks.  We are set up to mix and cut a variety of chemical blends either cold blends or heated blends.  We can fill drums, totes or bulk trucks and we also receive many of our raw materials in bulk.

In our powder production area we have a 282 cubic foot Vrieco – Nauta Stainless Steel Conical Blender on load cells. We use this blender in various powder blends for a variety of customers. We also have a 90 cubic foot Silo that is fed with an Aerocon vac-u-max conveying system. This is used in repackaging from bags to supersacks. We also change the packaging form from supersacks to bags, boxes or drums. We have a (2) Taylor Auger Valve Baggers, Metler Toledo Lynx controller valve and scale used for boxing, open top bags and drum filing, IPM stretch wrapper and a Fischbein Bag closer for open top bags.

New Life Chemical warehouses facilities are 94,000 square feet of heated warehouse space. The facility is fully sprinkled, has (9) loading docks and (5) drive out doors, a two-bay containment area for loading and unloading of bulk tank trucks or ISO tanks, (12) forklifts and (8) floor scales. We are located on I-85 in Greenville, SC.