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Beneficial Reuse – New Life Chemical

New Life Chemical is a chemical resource providing a true ecological alternative to the disposal of chemicals as well as a reliable source of quality raw materials at low costs.  We can turn a negative revenue stream into neutral or even a positive revenue stream.

New Life Chemical buys from companies with surplus inventory due to formulation changes, end-of-line productions, mergers, plant closures, expiration dates, line wash or purge, wide-specification or off-specification production, by product and side streams or other reasons. 

We either use the material internally in certain products (soaps, detergents, fabric softeners) or we sell these surplus chemicals to companies looking for top quality raw materials at good prices.  Our materials include prime quality materials as well as secondary or “orphan” chemicals that we place in a beneficial re-use applications. We have an extensive database of customers for surplus chemicals internationally and publish a monthly inventory mailer to this network as well as updating our website and twitter feeds regularly.

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