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New Life Chemical Surplus Chemical Mailer Call For Details 864-277-5516 Prices in USD and FOB Greenville, SC
DescriptionNew Life Chemical 864-277-5516List Price FOB USD Lot NumberAvailable LbsContainer
Pad Dye BinderPrintrite 595 Low crock acrylic binder for pigment printingand pad dying$0.20786-0052,700 Drums
Reactive DiluentCaspol 1962 100% active castor oil based reactive diluent$0.15800-006500 Drums
Polyethylene DispersionLiquitron 345 High solids polyethylene dispersion fo improved rub resistance in films$0.15800-0082,097 Drums
Rubber Bonding AgentCorebond CB-23 Cobalt Boro Carboxylate Adhesion promoter of rubber tire steel cordsMake OfferCall for details881 Box
Vulcanizing AgentSartomer SR534D a multifunctional acrylate ester anti-reversion coagent for use in sulfur-cured elastomers. Make OfferCall for details3,600 Box
TrichloroisocyanurateCDB Clearon 90 Stabilized dry chlorine compound for cleaning, bleaching, disinfecting and sanitizing$0.65Reference Tim1,200 Drums
Sodium HydroxymethylglycinateMackstat SHG A very effective, easy to handle, broad spectrum antimicrobial for cosmetic and personal care products$0.65Reference Tim16,169 Totes Drums
Cetyl PalmitateCutina CP A waxy emollient which imparts body to skin care formulations$0.75Reference Tim28,000 Bags
TBP Tributyl Phosphate AGI TBP Used as a solven/plasticizer in inks, synthetic resins, gums, adhesives; as a component of aircraft hydraulic fluid; defoamer in drilling muds, emulsions, paints, and adhesives; Phosphoric acid purification.$1.40Reference Stuart35,200 Drums
POE (8) Alcohol Ethoxylate Lutensol XP 80 Alcohol Ethoxylate POE (8) nonionic surfactant$1.60587-8033 587-803268,621 Totes
PEG 400 UNRhodasurf PEG 400 UN Polyethylene glycol 400 slight haze, sample required before order$0.55260-800340,000 Totes
PEG 200Rhodasurf PEG 200 Polyethylene glycol 200 slight haze, sample required before order$0.55260-800235,581 Totes
Tridecyl AlcoholTexapon TDA 265 Sodium Tridecyl Di(Oxyethyl) Sulfate$0.75649-8001 649-800225,465 Totes
EO/PO Block CopolymerPluronic L62 A difunctional block copolymer surfactant $0.75710-80125,479 Totes
Cocoamidopropyl BetaineDehyton PK 35 An amphoteric surfactant for use in a variety of rinse-off personal care applications.$0.65530-800720,944 Totes
Vinyl Acrylic PolymerHaloflex 202 Vinyl Acrylic Polymer, 49% solids Tg is +7 C$0.55801-800219,360 Drums
Stearyl Alcohol CO 1895 NF CO 1895 NF A high C18 content Stearyl Alcohol derived entirely from vegetable feedstock. Pastilles.$0.65Reference Tim28,600 Bags
DefoamerClariant D-Foam-R C119 Hydrophobic silica dispersion in parrafinic mineral oil. Defoamer for coatings, inks, adhesives, pulp & paper.Make OfferReference Andrea20,062 Totes
TCS Antibacterial Antifungal agent Irgacare MP TriclosanMake OfferReference Daniel36,000
Citric Acid GranularCitric Acid Anhydrous In Spec with COA$0.60Reference DanielTL QuantitiesSupersacks
Alkoxylate SulfateAnionic W-30 Concentrate Excellent wetting with minimal rewetting. Water-repellent finishes for fabrics & carpets.$0.20677-601630,240 Drums
ALS, 29%Standapol A A liquid ammonium lauryl sulfate that is used in low to medium viscosity shampoos, surfactant skin cleansers and bath or shower products.$0.45643-8005 643-8006 643-800747,709 Drums
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A used as a surfactant in low to medium viscosity shampoos, surfactant skin cleansers and bath or shower products.$0.45643-8000 643-8001 643-8002 643-8003 643-8004184,797 Totes
Dipa, 85% GTDiisopropanolamine, 85% GT Grade Suitable for acid gas treatment as well as other applications.$0.30M667-7000 667-702027,054 Totes Drums
Dipropylene Glycol EO/PO copolymerEthylan 324D A linear, nonionic, alkoxylated alcohol ethoxylate surfactant.$0.20710-04018,279 Drums
Disodium CocoamphodiacetateMackam 2C-75 one of the mildest amphoteric surfactants of its class and is suggested for both personal care and industrial applications. $0.45179-8002 179-8003106,945 Totes
Glycol Ether EEGlycol Ether EE TRIChemical Surplus no longer needed in-spec, with COA$1.00Reference RonBulk TTFour Tankers
HASE Rheology ModifierRheology Modifier A100 A 30% active polymeric water based thickener which will improve dispersion rheology and settling.$0.65806-700018,745 Drums
Isopropanolamine Mixture (Dipa,44%; Tipa,44%; Mipa,12%)Isopropanolamine Mixture A blend of amines used in the manufacture of flexible foams and an array of specialty applications, including hand cleaner formulations.$0.25667-29137,350 Drums
Lauramide MEAMackamide LMA A 1:1 pure lauric (>95%) monoethanolamide, which is designed for use in household and cosmetic preparations. $0.80150-800322,600 Drums
Methyl Glycine Diacetic Acid, Trisodium SaltTrilon M Liquid 50% A readily biodegradable chelating agent and a high performing phosphate alternative for detergents to prevent lime scale.$0.35152-6004 152-6006 152-600882,355 Totes
NMEAON-Methylethanolamine A secondary amine, and a versatile polyfunctional molecule that combines the characteristics of amines and alcohols. NMEA is capable of undergoing reactions typical of both alcohols and amines, forming quaternary amine salts, soaps, esters and amides.$0.30100-25747,765 Drums
Oleic DiethanolamideMackamide MO A wetting agent, foam booster and non-ionic surfactant.$0.65650-8001P 650-8002P57,241 Totes
Oleyl DEA, GlycerinMackamide OD 896NT Oleaic DEA$0.95M650-701030,631 Totes
Open Time Extender AdditiveRhodoline OTE 500 APE-Free and Zero VOC post-polymerization additive that promotes extended open time to costing formulations.$0.35808-7003 808-700428,915 Drums Totes
PEG 4000Betapeg 4000 - Prime with COA$0.75260-702120,082 Supersacks
Phosphate EsterAgnique PE NP-9 - Phosphate Ester (Tryfac 5556) A wetting agent and dispersant, a good emulsifier for pesticide formulation.$0.63555-8006 555-800731,320 Totes
Poe (30) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-30, 70% This product is suitable for use in applications such as: Wetting agents & stabilizers, emulsifiers & dispersants, Agrochemicals.$0.55M696-7010 696-7027 696-801339,897 Totes
Poe (40) Octyl Phenol, 70%Lutensol OP 40, 70% used as emulsifiers, wetting agents, dispersants, synthetic latex stabilizers and detergents in formulating cleaning products.$0.90694-801636,900 Drums
Poe (50) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Igepal CO-977 (EP) A versatile emulsion polymerization surfactant and latex post-stabilizer. $0.80696-802418,400 Drums
Polyethylene ImineLupasol P Equivalent used to flocculate highly charged anionic particles, precipitating proteins, zeolites and silicates$0.20700-04243,795 Totes
Polyhexamethylene BiguanideVantocil P (PHMB) A broad spectrum, fast acting antimicrobial for the formulation of disinfectants and sanitizers for use in commercial, industrial, and domestic disinfection applications.$2.75P103-264962Totes
Polyurethane DispersionAlberdingk U 6150 is a solvent-free aliphatic polycarbonate polyurethane dispersion. It has excellent adhesion to multiple substrates. It can be used as a stand-alone product or as a modifier to acrylic dispersions. $0.46808-8000116,865 Totes
Rheology Modifier (Liquid Synthetic)Surfathix N A slightly hydrophobic acrylic based polymer which provides rheology modification to surfactant based skin and hair care formulations. $0.45100-702324,696 Drums
SLS, 30%Sodium Lauryl Sulfate 30% A high foaming detergent for personal care, pet care and HI&I applications.$0.60645-800427,000 Drums
Sodium SilicoaluminateTixolex 28 Zeo3 A high performance silica with outstanding anti-caking properties which improve the free-flow characteristics of powders. white powder solid, odorless.$0.40100-800632,002 Supersacks
Sodium LauroamphoacetateDehyton ML PG A well compatible amphoteric surfactant suitable for the application in mild surfactant preparations.$0.45M179-7001 M179-700231,753 Totes
Sodium SilicoaluminateValfor 100 Zeolite NaA A low silica, microporous crystalline aluminosilicate.$0.55100-800543,000 Supersacks
Soybean Oil With Mineral Spirits- Archer 1052Archer 1052 DCPD modified soybean copolymer 70% solids in mineral spirits. Metal flake coatings, architectural wood coatings, etc.$0.45801-600152,729 Drums
Tallow Dipropyl TriamineTriameen T Versatile Tallow Amine Hydrophylic Surfactant$0.55667-800026,640 Drums