If you do not see what you want, call and inquire at 864-277-5516. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC

Item No.ItemJune 2018 Description/ApplicationVolume (Lbs)ModePrice FOB per lb
6001Triamine TTallow Dipropylene Triamine used for metal cleaning, corrosion inhibition, dispersing agent and emulsifier.26,000Drums$0.55
6002Betapeg 4000Peg 4000 Prime with COA120,000Super Sacks$0.79
6003Glycol Ether EPh, BasicGlycol Ether38,720Drums0.55
6004Glycol Ether Eph 6VOC Exempt glycol ether33,950Drums$0.55
6005Jordapon ACI 30 GAmmonium Cocoyl Isethionate, 30%35,690Drums$0.25
6006Aliphatic Urethane Dispersion (PUD)Alberdingk Boley U6150 A stand-alone product or a modifier to acrylic emulsion dispersionsTLTotes$0.68
6007Geropon SS OIPDisodium Oleoamide (MIPA) SulfosuccinateTLTotes$0.25
6008Blown Linseed Oil Z2Industrial coatings applications15,540Drums$0.45
6009DCPD modified Soybean oil 70% in OMSADM modified soybean oil binder70,769Drums$0.22
6010Nipagin MMethyl Paraben825CartonMake Offer
6011Polyethylene Glycol PEG 540PEG 540 Blend13,467Drums$0.55
6012Nonionic X-405POE (35) Octyl Phenol, 100%40,320Drums$0.75
6013Pluronic F-127 (Poloxamer 407)100% active block copolymer169,644Small Drums$0.35
6014Poloxamer P217 (Pluronic F 77) PrillEO/PO Block Copolymer Surfactant88,088SS$0.35
6015Poloxamer P237 (Pluronic F 87)EO/PO Block Copolymer Surfactant171,968Small Drums$0.35
6016Poloxamer P238 (Pluronic F 88)EO/PO Block Copolymer Surfactant82,754SS$0.35
6017Lupasol P type PEIPolyethylene Imine Lupasol P type43,795Totes$0.20
6018Ethylan 324D EO/PO block copolymer of propylene glycolDispersing Agent; Suspension; Wetting Agent. HLB = 2018,279Drums$0.28
6019Natunola Flax Protien Linum Usitatissium Seed Extract3,969Drums$0.65
6020Anionic W-30 Concentrate SurfactantAlkoxylate Sulfate, 27% active for textile processing and water repellent finishes30,240Drums$0.15
6021Nonionic 15-S-40, 30%Secondary alcohol ethoxylate, paint, coatings, floor polishes77,686Drums$0.23
6022Nonionic NP-30, 70% TL PriceWetting agents & stabilizers, Emulsifiers & dispersants, Agrochemicals39,243Drums$0.70
6025Aliphatic phosphate esterRhodafac RS-610 25A45,000Bulk$0.30
6026Trilon C Liquid, 50%pentasodium diethylenetriamine pentaacetate 37,700Totes$0.55
6027Isopropyl Benzoate Often used in flavor and fragrance applications to impart a sweet or fruity character40,500TotesMake Offer
6028Hydrochloric acid 37%HCL6,500TotesMake Offer
6029Sodium Chlorite Solution 25%Solution of Sodium Chlorite563DrumsMake Offer
6030ChloroacetemamideChloroacetamide165BagsMake Offer