If you do not see what you want, call and inquire at 864-277-5516. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC

Call us at 864-277-5516 New Life Chemical We have great deals on other stuff too!If you do not see what you want, call and inquire. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC
Product DescriptionVolume (Lbs)ModePrice FOB per lb
Dish Detergent Awesome DealOrange Anti-MicrobialTruck LoadTotes$0.12
2001SLES (ECO), 30%ECOnomical and ECOfriendly SLES40,000Totes$0.30
2002PalmKernel DEA PrimeCocoDEA analog made with Palm Kernel Oil90,000Totes 0.49 TL only
2003EDA StreamEthylenediamine AQ, 70%On GoingBulk/ Totes$0.70
2004Biodegradeable C6-C16 Alcohol EthoxylateNonionic SA-7 587-9014B, 9015B Seed Oil Surfactant, offset to primary PAE44,846Totes$0.45
2005Isopropyl Alcohol 70%SOLD31,160Drums$0.35
2006Sodium LauroamphoacetateM-HMD high foaming mild amphoteric surfactant 179-901099,892Totes$0.40
2007Cocoamide MEAComperlan 100 NA 650-9006, 9013, 901419,022Super Sacks$0.65
2008Cocoamide MEAComperlan CMEA NA 650-90123,910Super Sacks/ Bags$0.65
2009DefoamerFoamaster MO 214030,000Drums$0.45
2010PreservativeDMDM Hydantoin2,200Drums$3.00
2011Liquid Pearlizing Agent concentrate M-S120 135-9082, 9083118,330Totes$0.85
2012PEG 400 Polyglykol 400 260-9018B35,069Totes$0.45
2013PEG 12000Polyglykol 12000 260-901734,892Bags$0.48
2014Disodium Lauryl SulfosuccinateMackanate LO 642-9001, 3, 6, 7, 880,117Drums$0.39
2015Cocamidopropyl Betaine, 35%Dehyton KE UP 530-901235,280Totes$0.55
2016Ethoxylated Coconut MonoethanolamineAlkamide C4 650-90008,400Drums$0.69
2017ALES 60%Colonial ALES 60% 640-90033,150Drums$0.55
2018ALES 70%Texapon AC 70 640-000113,020Totes$0.65
2019Super Refined Soybean OilPurified soy-derived triglyceride 135-91121,987Drums Pails$0.45
2020AcetoneAcetone 100-90244,282Drums$0.35
2021Acrylic Modified Alkyd ResinLong Oil Alkyd, Acrylic modified 65% solids, low HAPS 808-8013130,000Drums$0.30
2022Silicone Micro EmulsionMicrosil Finish SP 30% AQ cationic micro emulsion 135-9050989Drums$0.85
2023Sodium Dibutyl Naphthalene SulfonateRhodocal BX 78 540-70046,100Bags Drums$0.30
2024n-HexaneA.C.S. Spec. n-Hexane 100-90254,493Drums$1.50
2025Benzethonium Chloride, USPAKA, Hyamine - synthetic quaternary ammonium salt 100-9028924Sm. Drum$12.00
2026ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A 643-800342,695Totes$0.25
2027Cocoamidopropyl HydroxysulataineMackam 50 SB 530-900419,800Totes$0.60
2028Castoryl Maleate Emollient EsterCeraphyl RMT Ester 724-90004,500Drums$0.49
2029Glycereth-26 Ethoxylated GlycerineGenapol G 260 690-90004,520Drums$0.65
2030Na-Tridecyl Di (Oxyethyl) Sulfate Texapon TDA 265 649-8001, 800225,465Totes$0.50
2031Geropon SS Disodium Oleamido MIPA Sulfosuccinate Used in bath product, body wash, facial cleanser, liquid soap and shampoo. Provides foaming, penetrating and wetting properties. 642-700834,745Totes$0.20
2032Mackamide SMV Stearamide MEA, Flake 650-7005, 700621,670Bags drums$0.19
2033Covinax 271-00 A polyvinyl alcohol stabilized vinyl acrylic copolymer developed for permanent pressure sensitive applications involving paper labels. 55% solids Tg (-35C) 801-80016,075Drums$0.33
2034Lutensol OP 40, 70% POE (40) Octyl Phenol, 70% 694-801636,900Drums$0.58
2035Nonionic W-30 Alkoxylate Sulfate Anionic Surfactant for water repellancy 677-601628,140Drums$0.15
2036Polyurethane dispersionAlberdingk U6150 808-80006,615Totes$0.30
2037Pearlizing agent cold processableEuperlan KE 4515 135-908711,440Drums$1.25
2038Methyl Ester SulfonateAlpha-Step PC-48 646-90129,377Totes$0.25
2039Liquid Preservative Antimocrobial AgentBronidox L 100-80111,980Pails$0.89
2040Alumina/Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex Glycine, USPAZG USP antiperspirant 100-90301,800Super Sack$0.29
2041Lauramide DEAMackamide LOL 650-70132,250Drums$0.35
2042Lauramide DEA Mackamide LLM 650-900312,725Drums$0.55
2043Lauramide MEAMackamide LMA (CocoDEA replacement) 150-900121,000Drums$0.55
2044PEG 540 BlendPEG 540 Blend 260-703013,467Drums$0.39
2045Nonionic 15-S-30POE (30) Secondary Alcohol 587-000530,696Drums$0.40
2046Genapol X 150POE (15) Isotridecyl Alcohol 587-000224,696Drums$0.75
2047Genapol X 080POE (8) Isotridecyl Alcohol 587-00015,292Drums$0.75
2048Hosatpur SAS 30Na C14-17 Alkyl Sulfate 590-00016,880Drums$0.38
2049Bentone Gel GTCC V Emulsifier/ Rheological AdditiveCaprylic/Capric Triglyceride (and) Stearalkonium Hectorite (and) Propylene Carbonate 135-90222,379Drums$0.40
2050Xiameter MEM-1788Di-methyl Silicone Emulsion (230-9001)1,004Drums$0.45
2051Rhodafac RE 520Phosphate Ester 555-801016,200Drums$0.19
2052STPPSodium Tripolyphosphate 101-90108,450bags$0.30
2053Flowsolve 150 LQBTEX Free Asphaltene Dispersant 100-000428,584Drums$0.40
2054Fatty Acid Methyl EsterFatty Acid (Soybean) Methyl Ester 135-0024, 2544,773Drums$0.45
2055PEG 400 Super Refined PEG 400 260-00067,940Drums$0.60
2056PEG 400 PEG 400 260-9018B65,000Drums$0.50
2057Coconut OilCoconut Oil 135-90243,338Box$0.30
2058JoJoba ExfollientJoJoba Scrub Beads Black licorice 20/402,112Kegs$0.25
2059C-18 Stearyl AlcoholStearyl Alcohol 676-9007B36,000Totes$0.39
2060Calamide F Oleamide DEA 650-90108,100Drums$0.55
2061Rhodacal BX 78Anionic wetting agent 540-70046,100Bags$0.19
2062Pearl S-120Pearlizing Agent 135-0025B38,555Totes$0.29
2063Versatint Blue DyeMilliken Blue Dye3,272Drums$0.12