If you do not see what you want, call and inquire at 864-277-5516. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC

DescriptionProduct IDList PriceLot / Serial NumberAvailableReference
2-Ethylhexyl PalmitateCeraphyl 368$0.65135-0055622 CHS
3,4 Dihydro-2-Methoxypyron, 99.65%/Acrolein Dimer, 0.3%/Bht > 100-200PPMUcarcide MDP$0.01100-01717 CHS
4-Mole Surfactant (Wide Spec)Nonionic 4 Mole Surfactant Blend$0.50696-80336,450 Tote
5-Bromo-5-Nitro-1,3-DioxaneBronidox L$1.25100-80111,980 PAIL
7.5-Mole Surfactant-Wide SpecNonionic 7.5 Mole Surfactant Blend$0.50696-9017B7,002 Tote
7.5-Mole Surfactant-Wide SpecNonionic 7.5 Mole Surfactant Blend$0.50M696-9017B30,549 tote
9-Mole Surfactant (Wide Spec)Nonionic 9 Mole Surfactant Blend$0.50696-9006B14,946 Tote
9-Mole Surfactant (Wide Spec)Nonionic 9 Mole Surfactant Blend$0.50M696-80014,409 TOTES
AcetoneAcetone$0.45100-90243,921 CHP
Acrylate CopolymerCarbopol Aqua CC Polymer$1.00135-00881,277 CHP
Acrylate CrosspolymerCarbopol Ultrez 20 Polymer$29.50135-0103396 Box
AcrylicAculyn 33 Polymer$0.65800-90271,652 OHP
ALES, 60%Calfoam EA-603$0.65640-900130,548 OHP
ALES, 60%Calfoam EA-603$0.65640-90029,424 CHP
ALES, 60%Colonial ALES-60$0.65640-90034,950 CHP
ALES, 70%TEXAPON AC-70$0.95640-00016,405 Tote
ALES/ ALS BlendALES/ ALS Blend$0.50M640-000314,700 tote
Aliphatic HydrocarbonsM-P-A 60MS$0.25101-7004325 OHS
Alkoxylate SulfateAnionic W-30$0.10677-601628,140 CHS
Alkyl Polyglucocide, 50%Masopon 425-N$0.60177-90055,031 CHP/ TOTE
Alkylbenzene Sulfonic Acid, 96% (Linear)Bio-Soft S-101$1.05540-9003240 Tote
Alkylether HydroxypropylsultaineMirataine ASC$0.35101-8002900 CHP
Aloe VeraAloe Vera$10.00135-0038/ Aloe Vera Leaf Juice 10:1308 CHP
Aloe VeraAloe Vera$10.00135-0039/ Activera 10X PF307 CHP
Aloe VeraAloe Vera$10.00135-0042/ Activera 10X PF1,430 CHP
Aloe VeraAloe Vera$10.00135-0100/ Certified Plus Aloe Vera Gel-D504 Pail
Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, 40%Calsoft AOS-40$0.55540-9001B1,048 Tote
Alpha Olefin Sulfonate, 40%Calsoft AOS-40$0.55540-900613,645 Totes
ALS, 29%Standapol A$0.39643-900424,095 Tote
ALS, 30%Calfoam ALS-30$0.45643-900633,533 Tote
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-800216,947 TOTE
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-800342,695 TOTE
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-800418,074 TOTE
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-800931,797 TOTE
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-801014,449 OHF
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-900019,888 OHF
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-90025,400 OHF
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-90035,400 OHF
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-900726,216 OHF
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-900825,312 OHF
ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A$0.35643-900918,977 OHF
Aluminum/Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex-Gly, USPAluminum/Zirconium Tetrachlorohydrex-Gly$0.45100-90301,800 SS
Amine OxideMackamine C 8$0.45667-900628,350 CHP
AMINE OXIDE, 35%Lauramine Oxide$0.50667-0002B37,968 Tote
AMINE OXIDE, 35%Lauramine Oxide$0.50667-0003B36,814 Tote
Amine, C12-14 Ethoxylate, Sulfates, Sod SaltAnionic QS15$0.23660-8000470 OHS
Amines, Solid, (Benfield Activator UOP Te Gr ACT-1)Benfield Activator UOP Te Gr ACT-1$0.01100-026259 CHS
Amines, Solid, (Benfield Activator UOP Te Gr ACT-1)Benfield Activator UOP Te Gr ACT-1$0.01100-186903 CHS
Ammonia Detergent BlendAmmonia Detergent Blend$0.35MKSB-000341,895 tote
Ammonium Acryloyldimethyltaurate/VP CopolymerAristoflex AVC$0.95100-9040165 Box
Ammonium Cocoyl Isethionate, 30%Jordapon ACI 30 G$0.15179-02411,180 CHP
Amphoteric SurfactantMonateric CDX$0.45179-0005400 OHP
Anionic Surfactant XN-45SAnionic XN-45S$0.25660-8001938 CHS
Anionic Surfactant XN-45SAnionic XN-45S$0.25660-8002450 CHS
AOS, 40%Bio-Terge AS-40 CG-P$0.55540-00014,341 CHP
APGAlkyl Polyglucoside$0.55M177-9008780 tote
Arnica OilArnica Oil$20.00135-0097712 Pail
Aroset 2546Adhesive$0.80808-013459 OHP
Aroset APS-1382Adhesive 1382$0.80808-900426,550 Tote
Behenyl Alcohol 70 NaturalBehenyl Alcohol 70 Natural$0.85135-9094484 Bag
Betaine/ PEG 80 Sorbitan Laurate/ STDES/ PEG 150 Distearate/ Glycerin/ Propylene Glycol/ Cocamidopropyl DimethylamineMackadet EQ-112$0.40201-900339,600 OHP
BiocideBioban 425 Antimicrobial$1.50100-9037195 CHP
Biodegradeable C6-C16 Alcohol EthoxylateNonionic SA-7$0.65587-9014B16,360 Tote
Biodegradeable C6-C16 Alcohol EthoxylateNonionic SA-7$0.65587-9015B41,103 Tote
Biodegradeable C6-C16 Alcohol EthoxylateNonionic SA-9$0.50587-803172 CHP
C12-15 EO/PO copolymerSynperonic LF/30 VEG-LQ$0.75710-00014,358 Tote
Camellia Japonica Seed OilDongbaek (Tsubaki) Oil$2.00135-0018312 Box
Camphor, Synthetic USPCamphor, USP (Flake)$7.00135-005755 Box
Camphor, Synthetic USPCamphor, USP (Flake)$7.00135-005819 Box
Canola OilCanola Oil$0.50135-005330 OHP/Pail
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride; Stearal Konium; Propylene CarbonateBentone Gel GTCC V$0.60135-9022792 OHP
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride; Stearal Konium; Propylene CarbonateBentone Gel GTCC V$0.60135-9023396 OHP
Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride; Stearal Konium; Propylene CarbonateBentone Gel GTCC V$0.60135-90721,191 OHP
Castor Oil MonomaleateCeraphyl RMT Ester$0.50724-90004,500 CHP
Ceteareth-20Eumulgin B 2$0.95135-0048118 Bag
Cetearyl AlcoholCrodacol CS50-PA-(MH)$0.60100-0011103 Bag
Cetearyl AlcoholLanette O$0.55135-9089100 Bag
Chelating Agent Pentasodium DiethylenetriaminepentacetateChelating Agent$0.55101-0008551 CHP
Cinnamic AldehydeCassia Oil$12.00135-009943 Pail
Citric Acid, 50%Citric Acid, 50%$0.65200-90014,325 Tote
Citric Acid, 50% Kosher FCCCitrosol 502 - Citric Acid$0.40200-80015,221 CHS/PAIL
Citric Acid-AnhydrousCitric Acid-Anhydrous$1.75200-9000P5,150 Bag
Cleaner - All PurposeCleaner - All Purpose$0.20M100-00011,671 Tote
Cleaner - All PurposeCleaner - All Purpose$0.20M110-9000950 Totes/CHP
CO-1695 Cetyl Alcohol NFCetyl Alcohol$0.65676-9003499 Bag
CO-1695 Cetyl Alcohol NFCetyl Alcohol$0.65676-900849 Bag
Cocamide DEAIncromide CDEAS$0.95650-90176,173 CHP
Cocamide MEAComperlan 100 NA$0.95650-90064,926 SS
Cocamide MEAComperlan 100 NA$0.95650-90135,286 SS
Cocamide MEAComperlan 100 NA$0.95650-90148,810 SS
Cocamide MEAMackamide CMA$0.95650-0003147 Bag
Cocamide MEAMackamide CMA$0.95650-90071,350 BAG
Cocoa Butter (Deodorized)Cocoa Butter (Deodorized)$4.50135-8022400 Ohs
Cocoamidopropyl BetaineAmphosol CA-K$0.55530-000424,750 CHP
Cocoamidopropyl BetaineCycloteric CABFA-High pH$0.55530-000131,910 Tote
Cocoamidopropyl BetaineMackam 35 HP A$0.95200-0002/ Chembetaine C200 OHP
Cocoamidopropyl BetaineMackam 35 HP A$0.95530-0005/ Tritexaine423 OHP
Cocoamidopropyl Betaine, 35%Dehyton KE UP$0.55530-901211,025 Tote
Cocoamidopropyl HydroxysultaineCrodateric CAS 50-LQ$0.60530-000239,685 Tote
Cocoamidopropyl HydroxysultaineCrodateric CAS 50-LQ$0.60530-000622,932 OHP
Cocoamidopropyl HydroxysultaineCrodateric CAS 50-LQ$0.60530-00074,410 Tote
Cocoamidopropyl HydroxysultaineMackam 50 SB$0.50530-90044,400 Tote
Cocoamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine/ Glycerin/ Cocoamidopropyl DimethylamineJeeteric JS$0.55100-0016450 OHP
Cocoamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine/ Glycerin/ Cocoamidopropyl DimethylamineJeeteric JS$0.55100-00211,800 CHP
CocoamphodipropronateCrodateric CADP 38-LQ$0.65179-0002434 CHP
CocobetaineDehyton AB 30$0.50530-90075,733 OHP
CocobetaineDehyton AB 30$0.50530-90101,770 Tote
Coconut OilCoconut Oil$0.75135-0049184 Pail/OHS
Coconut OilCoconut Oil$0.75135-9024814 Box
Conditioner- Fully FormulatedHair Conditioner$0.10140-90002,100 Tote
Conditioning AgentGenamin KDMP$0.50101-900855 Box
DEADiethanolamine$0.65667-90041,006 CHS
DEADiethanolamine$0.65667-90052,426 Tote
DEADiethanolamine$0.65667-9007483 Tote
DEA, LFG 90Diethanolamine, LFG 90$0.55667-7021970 CHS
DEA-OLETH-3 PhosphateCrodafos O3D-LQ-(MH)$0.10100-000955 SMOHP
DEA-OLETH-3 PhosphateCrodafos O3D-LQ-(MH)$0.10555-7003166 OHP
DefoamerDefoamer$0.25230-165 / FOAMASTER RHO MC21,479 TOTES
DefoamerFoamaster MO 2140$0.40230-900314,212 OHS
DefoamerFoamaster MO 2140$0.40230-90042,149 OHS
DefoamerFoamaster MO 2140$0.40230-90051,799 Tote
DefoamerFoamStar ST 2434$0.40230-0001419 CHS
DefoamerFoamStar ST 2455$0.40230-0002880 CHS
DefoamerFoamStar ST 2455$0.40230-0003440 CHS
Deicing Fluid - ADFAircraft Deicing Fluid Additive D$0.00102-105337 CHS
Detergent Blends - AmmoniaDetergent Blend-Ammonia$0.30MDBA-80232,205 TOTES
Dibenzoate Blend PlasticizerKalama K-Flex 500$0.30806-7001495 CHP
Diethylhexyl Sodium SulfosuccinateMackanate DOS- 70N$0.75100-9010435 CHP
Dimethicone/Vinyl Cross PolymerChemsil SPD$2.00135-904431 Can
Dimethicone-Hair CareNext Step VSOL-5$2.00135-9052598 SMCHS
Dimethyldioctylammonium chlorideBardac LF-80$2.50101-001424,000 Tote
Dimethylsiloxane, Trimethylsiloxy-TerminatedDow Corning 200 Fluid, 50 CST$5.00230-0008251 CHS
DI-N-ButylamineDI-N-Butylamine$0.19100-7033395 CHS
Dinonyl Sulfosuccinate SodiumGeropon WS 25 I$0.32531-800017,327 CHP
DIPA, 85% GTDiisopropanolamine, 85% GT Grade$0.20M667-700027,053 TOTES
Dish Detergent - Lotion Soap PinkDish Detergent - Pink (Lotion)$0.05M160-5864,500 TOTE
Dish Detergent BlueDish Detergent - Blue - D11$0.30MD11-000531,500 tote
Dish Detergent GreenDish Detergent - Green - D10$0.30MD10-000431,500 TOTE
Dish Detergent OrangeDish Detergent - Orange - D14$0.22MD14-900135,674 tote
Dish Detergent YellowDish Detergent - Yellow - D12$0.30MD12-00016,300 tote
Dish Detergent YellowDish Detergent - Yellow - D12$0.30MD12-900523,100 tote
Dish Detergent YellowDish Detergent - Yellow - D13$0.30MD13-000020,249 tote
Disodium Cocamido MIPA SulfosuccinateMackanate CP$0.45642-90106,440 Tote
Disodium CocoamphodiacetateMackam 2C-75$0.55179-901210,750 CHP
Disodium CocoamphodiacetateMackam 2C-75$0.55179-90131,318 CHP
Disodium CocoamphodiacetateMiranol C2M Conc NP$0.45179-0004314 CHP
Disodium Laureth SulfosuccinateChemccinate LSC-K Surfactant$0.45642-90002,250 OHP
Disodium Laureth SulfosuccinateDisodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate$0.45642-0001852 OHP
Disodium Laureth SulfosuccinateGalaxy ESS$0.45642-9002994 Tote
Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate AmphoacetateCrodateric LDA 30-LQ$0.55179-00031,168 OHP
Disodium Lauroamphodiacetate AmphoacetateCrodateric LDA 30-LQ$0.55179-0006340 CHP
Disodium Lauryl SulfosuccinateMackanate LO$0.45642-90034,181 OHP
Disodium Lauryl SulfosuccinateMackanate LO$0.45642-900636,000 OHP
Disodium Lauryl SulfosuccinateMackanate LO$0.45642-90074,736 OHF
Disodium Lauryl SulfosuccinateMackanate LO$0.45642-90081,600 OHP
Disodium Oleamido MIPA SulfosuccinateMackanate OPV N$0.20642-7011377 TOTE
Disodium Oleoamide (MIPA) SulfosuccinateGeropon SS OIP$0.20642-700834,745 TOTE
Disodium Oleoamide (MIPA) SulfosuccinateGeropon SS OIP$0.20642-9011970 CHP
DPG/DPMA BlendDPG/DPMA Blend$0.20678-701511,613 CHS
ENZYMESENZYMES$0.30100-9016/ Esperase 6.0T176 SMOHF
EO/PO Block CopolymerPluronic L 62D$0.75710-9002450 CHS
EO/PO Block Copolymer (CP=40C)Pluronic 25R4$0.45710-700958 CHS
EO/PO Block Copolymer (CP=57-61C)Synperonic PE/L 64-LQ$0.80710-0003441 CHS
EO/PO Block Copolymer (CP=71C)Synperonic PE/L 44-LQ$0.80710-00041,323 CHS
EO/PO Block Copolymer(CP=43c)Tetronic 90R4$0.45710-8019900 OHS
EO/PO COPOLYMER (CP=20C)NONIONIC L-81$0.75710-0009221 CHS
EO/PO COPOLYMER (CP=20C)NONIONIC L-81$0.75710-9011323 CHS
Esept DMDM HydantoinDMDM Hydantoin$3.00100-0018/ Protacide445 CHP
Essential OilEssential Oil$3.00135-0090/ Sandalwood7 Jug
Ethoxylated Alcohol and Amine OxideMasol LQ-3$0.65587-90061,350 CHS
Ethoxylated Coconut MonoethanolamineAlkamide C 4$0.65650-90008,400 CHP
Ethoxylated/Butoxylated C12-14 Alcohol (CP=45C) Low Foam SurfactantNonionic LF-45 (APE Free)$0.65710-9010808 CHP
Ethylene Glycol DistearateMackester EGDS$0.85135-909795 OHF
Ethylene Glycol DistearateMackester EGDS$0.85135-909880 OHF
Ethylene Glycol DistearateMackester EGDS$0.85135-9099320 OHF
Ethylene Glycol DistearateMackester EGDS$0.85135-9100200 OHF
Ethylene Glycol MonostearateMackester EGMS$0.85135-9101200 OHF
Ethylene Glycol MonostearateMackester EGMS$0.85135-9102200 OHF
Ethylene Glycol MonostearateMackester EGMS$0.85135-9103600 OHF
Ethyleneglycoldistearate (Flakes)EGDS Purified (Pearl)$0.85135-90171,925 Bag
Ethylhexyl PelargonateCrodamol OPG-LQ$0.85135-91089,925 CHS
Ethylhexyl StearateCetiol 868$0.65135-0083355 CHS
Fanco / Shea ButterShea Butter$3.00135-0094245 Box
Fanco / Shea ButterShea Butter$3.00135-914355 Box
Fatty Alcohol EthoxylatedDisponil FES 32 IS$0.25678-9000904 OHP
Fatty AlkanolamideAgnique BL 6816-U$0.25650-70192,205 TOTE
GlucoTain FlexGlucoTain Flex$0.50650-000117,199 OHP
GlucoTain FlexGlucoTain Flex$0.50650-00027,938 OHP
Glycereth-2 CocoateMacare G-2C$0.75135-0059810 CHP
Glycereth-26Genapol G 260$0.85690-90004,520 CHP
GLYCERIN, 99.7% USPGLYCERIN, 99.7%$0.65679-00013 CHP
Glycerin/ Glyceryl Polyacrylate GelHispagel 200$0.25679-7003396 SMPAIL
Glyceryl MonostearateCutina HR$0.75240-000165 Bag
Glyceryl StearateImwitor 491$0.55135-0056485 Bag
Glyceryl Stearate and PEG-100 StearateProtachem GMS-165$0.85135-0096370 OHF/OHP
Glyclean AM/Glycolic Acid/Glycolic AM, BlendGlyclean AM / Glycolic Acid$0.95100-9038219 Tote
Glycol Ether EBGlycol Ether EB$0.79100-0012B16,000 Tote
Glycol Ether EBGlycol Ether EB$0.79100-0038404 CHP
Glycol Stearate/Palmitate BlendMackester GSTP$0.85135-91041,200 Bag
Greensoft ButterGreensoft Butter$3.00100-0031186 Pail
HexaneHexane$3.00100-003741 CHS
Hydrated Silica/Silicone DioxideHydrated Silica/Silicone Dioxide$0.95100-9031253 Bag
Hydrog. Castor/Sebaic AcidCrodabond CSA-LQ$1.50135-904580 Can
Hydrogenated Castor Oil (Flake)Castorwax MP-80$0.95135-9144100 Bag
Hydrogenated Cottonseed OilABI-Lin$4.00135-009844 Pail
Hydrogenated Soybean Oil - Methyl EsterHydrogenated Soybean Oil - Methyl Ester$0.55135-002438,688 CHS
Hydrogenated Soybean Oil - Methyl EsterHydrogenated Soybean Oil - Methyl Ester$0.55135-00256,045 CHS
Hydrolyzed Adansonia digitata Seed extractBaobab Tein NPNF$0.99135-9005500 Kegs
HydroxyethylcelluloseNatrosol HHXP$2.50101-001148 OHF
Hydroxypropyl Starch PhoshpateStructure XL$4.50101-9004600 BAG
Imidazolidone Ethyl Methacrylte SolutionNorsocryl 102 Monomer$0.01101-963200 Tote
Industrial Steam & Gas Tubine OilShell Turbo Oil T 68$1.75100-90391,966 Tote
IPA, 70%Isopropyl Alcohol, 70%$2.95100-00412,967 CHS
IPA, 70%Isopropyl Alcohol, 70%$2.95M100-0002603 tote
IPA, 99%Isopropyl Alcohol, 99%$2.55100-002712 CHS
Isopropanolamine Mixture (DIPA,44%; TIPA,44%; MIPA,12%)Isopropanolamine Mixture$0.15667-2911,800 CHS
Isopropyl MyristateIsopropyl Myristate$1.50135-0061391 CHS
Isopropyl PalmitateEstol 1517-LQ-(AP)$1.00135-9107386 CHS
Isopropyl PalmitateHallstar IPP NF$1.00135-0087234 CHP
Isopropyl PalmitateLiponate IPP$1.00135-007961 CHS
Jojoba ScrubeadsJojoba Scrubeads Black Licorice 20/40$0.40135-80032,112 SMOHF
Keratin Amio AcidsCrotein HKP LC-PW$1.10135-0029464 Box
LanolinPharmalan USP-SO$2.50135-0086392 OHS
Lauramide DEAComperlan LLD$0.95650-90113,087 CHP
Lauramide DEAMackamide LLM$0.75650-900312,725 CHP
Lauramide DEAMackamide LOL$0.75650-70132,250 CHP
Lauramide DEA (Color)Ninol 30-LL$0.50650-900923,910
Lauramide MEAMackamide LMA$0.65150-900121,000 OHF
Laureth-2Galaxy MW 252$0.75587-90021,389 CHP
Laureth-9Jeecol LA-9$0.75135-0066701 OHS
Lauroamphodiacetate, STDES, 49%Miracare MHT$0.50179-9011475 CHP
Lauryl Dimethylamine oxideBarlox 12$0.65667-9003445 CHP
Limnathes Alba (Meadowfoam) Seed OilMeadowfoam Seed Oil$5.00135-0065362 CHS
Low Foam Surfactant (CP=28C)Nonionic CF-10$0.70710-8014468 OHS
Low Foam Surfactant (CP=40C)Nonionic CF-21$0.70710-8017470 CHP
Macromonomer M-48 & M-84Macromonomer$0.05100-2583,150 CHS
Macromonomer M-48 & M-84Macromonomer$0.05100-2597,418 CHS
Macromonomer M-48 & M-84Macromonomer$0.05100-8004450 CHS
Methyl tert-Butyl EtherMethyl tert-Butyl Ether (MTBE)$0.95678-90061,051 CHS
MIPA-Laureth Sulfate; Laureth-3, Laureth-7 CitratePlantapon AF$0.20642-70014,000 OHP
MPEG-350Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol 350$0.20260-6025409 CHS
MPEG-550Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol 550$0.40260-90003,430 CHS
MPEG-750Methoxy Polyethylene Glycol 750$0.20260-6021151 CHS
Multifunctional Cleaning/Care Agent, 50%Tego Polish$0.20150-6007292 CHP
Myristic Acid, Isopropyl EsterKollicream IPM$0.95135-00621,544 CHS
Myristic Acid, Isopropyl EsterKollicream IPM$0.95135-0063111 CHS
N,N-BIS-(3-Aminopropyl) EthylenediamineSokalan N4 A, 50%$0.25102-0962,646 CHP
Neutral Shaded EnamelPaint$0.65100-702247
NLC 1716 XU31916NLC 1716$0.65801-900142,090 Tote
Nonionic APE Free Surfactant (CP=29C)Rhodoline WA 100$0.50587-90013,960 CHP
Nonionic BlendOG Nonionic$0.55587-902739,600 Tote
Nonionic BlendOG Nonionic$0.55587-902839,600 Tote
Nonionic BlendOG Nonionic$0.55587-902939,600 Tote
OleamideCrodamide OR-MB-(GD)$0.65650-901642,350 Bag
Oleamido MEA SulfosuccinateMackanate OM$0.20642-7004986 TOTE
Oleamido MEA SulfosuccinateMackanate OM$0.20642-7005300 OHP
Oleamido MEA SulfosuccinateMackanate OM$0.20642-90041,350 OP
Oleic DiethanolamideMackamide MO$0.75650-900835,550 CHP
Olive Oil, RefinedOlive Oil, Refined$0.95135-0073240 Pail
OpacifierOpulyn Opacifier 301$0.75135-9053474 OHP
Open Time Extender AdditiveRhodoline OTE 500$0.15808-700324,065 CHP
Open Time Extender AdditiveRhodoline OTE 500$0.15808-70044,850 TOTE
Optacool CFlavor- Optacool C$0.50135-90931,031 CHS
Optical BrightenerTinopal DMA-X Conc$15.00135-600720,692 SS
Palm Kernel Fatty Acid (DK0818)Palm Kernel Fatty Acid$0.15676-036570 CHS
PANTHENOL, 75%D-PANTHENOL 75W$4.00135-0102440 Pail
Peanut OilPeanut Oil$0.50135-0037140 CHS
Pearlizing AgentMackpearl 15DS$1.15135-902532,849 OHP
Pearlizing AgentMackpearl 15DS$1.15135-9086900 Tote
Pearlizing AgentMackpearl DR 113$1.25135-909585 CHP
Pearlizing AgentMirasheen S-188$1.25135-902010,000 Totes
Pearlizing AgentPearl S 120$1.25135-0025B38,535 Totes
Pearlizing AgentPearl S 120$1.25135-908239,673 Tote
Pearlizing AgentPearl S 120$1.25135-908340,122 Tote
Pearlizing AgentSurfasheen PL-1000$1.25135-0019850 OHP
Pearlizing Agent/OpacifierEuperlan Green$1.05135-90335,015 OHP
PEG 1100 Mono EtherCremophor A25$0.85135-00895 Bag
PEG 1450POLYETHYLENE GLYCOL 1450$0.40260-2391,943 5 OHS
PEG 1450 (Molten)Polyethylene Glycol 1450 (Molten)$0.40M260-7001138 OHS DRUMS
PEG 1450, 60% AQPolyethylene Glycol 1450, 60%$0.10260-6023394 OHS
PEG 200 LIRhodasurf PEG 200 LI$0.40260-800235,580 TOTE
PEG 300Polyglykol 300$0.80260-001214,550 CHP
PEG 3350 GranularPolythylene Glycol 3350 Granular$0.85260-9015473 OHP
PEG 400Polyethylene Glycol 400$0.65260-0001130 Pail
PEG 400Polyethylene Glycol 400$0.65260-0002291 CHS
PEG 400Polyethylene Glycol 400$0.65260-000329,774 CHS
PEG 400Polyethylene Glycol 400$0.65260-00067,940 CHS
PEG 400Polyethylene Glycol 400$0.65260-00071,320 Pail
PEG 400Polyethylene Glycol 400$0.65260-00084,422 Box
PEG 400Polyglykol 400$0.75260-0004485 CHP
PEG 400Polyglykol 400$0.75260-000915,035 CHS
PEG 400Polyglykol 400$0.75260-001015,520 CHS
PEG 400Polyglykol 400$0.75260-00115,820 CHS
PEG 400Super Refined PEG 400- LQ$0.65260-0019240 CHS
PEG 400 MonostearateStandapol 2640$0.25690-9007368 OHS
PEG 400 UNRhodasurf PEG 400 UN$0.40260-800325,000 TOTE
PEG 540 BLENDPolyethylene Glycol 540 Blend$0.30260-6011970 OHS
PEG 540 BLENDPolyethylene Glycol 540 Blend$0.30260-602640 CHS
PEG 540 BLENDPolyethylene Glycol 540 Blend$0.30260-7004500 OHS
PEG 540 BLENDPolyethylene Glycol 540 Blend$0.30260-70161,957 OHS
PEG 540 BLENDPolyethylene Glycol 540 Blend$0.30260-703010,000 OHS
PEG 600Polyethylene Glycol 600$0.40260-9016265 CHS
PEG- 8 DistearatePEG 400 DS$0.65260-9013/ Hallstar PEG 400 DS MB850 CHS
PEG- 8 DistearatePEG 400 DS$0.65260-9014/ Hallstar PEG 400 DS3,400 OHS
PEG Monoallyl Ether/PEGPolyglycol SF-400$0.15677-6004450 CHS
PEG-120 Methyl glucose Dioleate and Methyl Gluceth-10Ritathix DOE$0.95260-9012880 OHP
Pentaerythritol Tetrakis (3-(3,5-Di-Tert-Butyl-4-Hydroxyphenyl) Propionate)Tinogard TT$1.00100-7035300 OHF
Pentaerythritol Tetrakis (3-(3,5-Di-Tert-Butyl-4-Hydroxyphenyl) Propionate)Tinogard TT$1.00100-9021151 OHF
Petrostep Q2080Petrostep Q2080$0.01101-009450 OP
Phenoxyethanol; Caprylyl GlycolOptiphen$5.00100-002956 Pail
Phosphate EsterRhodafac RE 520 A25$0.25555-801016,200 CHP
Phosphate EsterRhodafac RE 520 A25$0.25555-90001,217 CHP/Pail
Phosphate EsterRhodafac RE 520 A25$0.25555-9001795 CHP
Phospholipids/soyaPhytenso$0.35135-9054110 Pail
Phosphoric Acid, 85% (probably 10% or less)Phosphoric Acid, 85%$0.95101-00132,313 CHP
Phosphoric Acid, 85% (probably 10% or less)Phosphoric Acid, 85%$0.95101-9008P264 CHP
PLANTAPON 611 LSLES BLEND - 611L$0.95646-90172,287 Tote
POE (1.5) Octyl PhenolNonionic X-1.5 (OP-1.5)$0.45694-8018445 CHS
POE (100) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Igepal CO-997$0.50696-6014861 OH
POE (100) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Igepal CO-997$0.50696-7025460 OHS
POE (11) Isolaureth Alcohol Ethoxylate, 90%Nonionic TMN-10, 90%$1.25587-90361,223 CHS
POE (12) C12-15 Alcohol Ethoxylate, 80%Rhodasurf LA-12, 80%$0.60587-900823,850 OHS
POE (12) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-12$1.25587-0013396 CHS
POE (12) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-12$1.25587-9044426 CHS
POE (15) Isotridecyl AlcoholGenapol X 150$0.75587-00032,205 CHS
POE (15) Nonyl PhenolNonionic NP-15$0.85696-9014390 OHP
POE (16) C12-14 AlcoholGenapol LA 160$0.85587-00045,733 CHS
POE (20) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-20$0.95587-9045758 CHS
POE (20) SECONDARY ALCOHOL, 80%NONIONIC 15-S-20, 80%$0.75587-0007400 CHS
POE (20) Sorbitan MonolaurateTween 20-LQ-(AP)$1.35690-00011,440 CHS
POE (20) Sorbitan MonooleateProtosorb 020$1.25690-0008448 CHP
POE (20) Sorbitan MonooleateSuper Refined Polysorbate 20-LQ$1.35690-0006214 Box
POE (20) Sorbitan MonooleateSuper Refined Polysorbate 80-LQ$1.35690-0004228 Box
POE (20) Sorbitan MonooleateTween 80-LQ$1.35690-00026,300 CHP
POE (20) Sorbitan MonooleateTween 80-LQ$1.35690-0007478 CHS
POE (3) C12-13 Alcohol, EthoxylateFatty Alcohol C12-13 (3 Moles EO)$0.65587-9021B100 Tote
POE (30) Nonyl PhenolIgepal CO-880$0.65696-6016489 OHS
POE (30) Nonyl PhenolIgepal CO-880$0.65696-9000460 OHS
POE (30) Nonyl PhenolNonionic NP-30$0.85696-9010440 CHS
POE (30) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-30, 70%$0.75696-8028230 CHS
POE (30) Octyl Phenol, 70%Igepal CA-887$0.60694-80101,380 CHS
POE (30) SECONDARY ALCOHOL, 70%NONIONIC 15-S-30, 70%$0.65587-0011160 CHS
POE (4) C8-10 Alcohol EthoxylateTrycol ST-8049$0.85587-80281,021 TOTE
POE (4.5) Octyl PhenolNonionic X-45 (OP-4.5)$0.85694-900618,486 CHP
POE (4.5) Octyl PhenolNonionic X-45 (OP-4.5)$0.85694-9009435 CHP
POE (40) Alcohol EthoxylateDisponil AFX 4070$0.60587-80346,945 TOTE
POE (40) Nonyl PhenolNonionic NP-40$0.75696-9013460 CHS
POE (40) Nonyl Phenol , 70%Igepal CO-897 (EP)$0.65696-80251,380 OHS
POE (40) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-40, 70%$0.65696-8010454 CHS
POE (40) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-40, 70%$0.65696-8019480 CHS
POE (40) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-40, 70%$0.65696-8030252 CHS
POE (40) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-40, 70%$0.65696-90041,308 CHS
POE (40) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-40, 70%$0.65696-9011480 CHS
POE (40) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-40, 70%$0.65696-9022343 CHS
POE (40) Octyl Phenol, 70%Lutensol OP 40, 70%$0.60694-801636,900 CHS
POE (40) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-40$0.60587-0012393 CHS
POE (40) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-40$0.60587-80081,517 CHS
POE (40) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-40$0.60587-9042825 CHS
POE (5) Lauryl Alcohol EthoxylateNonionic LA-5$0.75587-903132,000 Tote
POE (5) Oleyl EtherBrij 05-LQ$0.75250-0003128 Pail
POE (5) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-5$0.75587-8019880 CHS
POE (5) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-5$0.75587-9039565 CHS
POE (50) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-50, 70%$0.65M696-600188 CHS
POE (50) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic NP-50, 70%$0.65M696-80001,305 CHS
POE (55) Octyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic X-705, 70% (OP-55, 70%)$0.65694-1183,360 CHS
POE (55) Octyl Phenol, 70%Nonionic X-705, 70% (OP-55, 70%)$0.65694-6017960 CHS
POE (6) C9-C10 AlcoholRhodasurf 91-6$1.25587-9013440 OHS
POE (6.5) LAURYL ALCOHOLLUTENSOL A 65 N$1.25587-7023875 OH
POE (7) Secondary AlcoholNonionic 15-S-7$1.05587-9041823 CHS
POE (7) Tridecyl AlcoholSynperonic 13/7-LQ-(MH)$0.75587-0014847 OHS
POE (7) Tridecyl AlcoholSynperonic 13/7-LQ-(MH)$0.75587-902411,313 OHS
POE (70) Nonyl Phenol, 70%Igepal CO-987$0.60696-90051,627 OHS
POE (9) Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, 85%Nonionic LA-985$0.75587-903228,470 Tote
POE (9) Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate, 85%Nonionic LA-985$0.75587-903324,090 Tote
POE (9) NONYL PHENOLIGEPAL CO-630$0.85696-0008296 CHS/CHP
POE (9) NONYL PHENOLNONIONIC NP-9$0.85696-000213,905 Tote
POE (9) SECONDARY ALCOHOLNONIONIC 15-S-9$1.25587-0015B-138,010 Tote
POE (9) SECONDARY ALCOHOLNONIONIC 15-S-9$1.25587-0015B-235,280 Tote
POE (9) SECONDARY ALCOHOLNONIONIC 15-S-9$1.25587-0015B-346,245 Tote
POE (9) SECONDARY ALCOHOLNONIONIC 15-S-9$1.25587-0015B-448,509 Tote
Polycarboxylate QRXP-1793Polycarboxylate QRXP-1793$0.10102-67426,750 TOTES
PolydimethylsiloxaneElement 14 PDMS 350$5.00230-0006291 CHS
Polyether PolyolVoranol 220-260 Polyol$0.20273-00011,589 CHS
Polyether PolyolVoranol 220-260 Polyol$0.20M273-900013,340 CHS
PolyethylenePerformalene 400 Polyethylene$0.60100-9032385 OHF
Polyethylene ImineLupasol G 35 Equivalent$0.00700-04243,795 TOTES
POLYGLYCOL 26-2POLYGLYCOL 26-2$0.07677-00014,292 CHS
Polyglycol 26-3Polyglycol 26-3$0.15677-7001450 CHS
Polyglycol 36Polyglycol 36$0.15677-7000P900 CHS
Polyglycol EP 530Polyglycol EP 530$0.15273-6002463 CHS
Polyglycol SF 13507Polyglycol SF 13507$0.20587-8029920 CHS
Polymeric DispersantFlowSolve 150-LQ$0.55100-00031,708 Tote/OHS
Polymeric DispersantFlowSolve 150-LQ$0.55100-000428,584 CHS
Polymeric Dispersant/ SurfactantAtlox 4913-LQ$0.65100-00052,205 Tote
Polymeric Dispersant/SurfactantAtlox 4915-LQ$0.65100-0006424 CHS
Polyoxyethylene Phenyl Ether PhosphateAmphos 1615$0.30555-80044,203 TOTE
Polyoxyl 40 StearateMYRJ S40-NV-PA$0.65135-0081512 Box
Polypropylene GlycolPolyglycol P 425$0.40677-0002460 CHS
Polysorbate 60Super Refined Polysorbte 60-LQ$0.95690-00091,254 Pail
Polysorbate 60Tween 60-LQ- (AP)$3.25690-00031,047 OHS
Polyurethane DisperisonAlberdingk U 6150$0.40808-80006,615 TOTE
Potassium Silicate/Capryl Glucoside/GlycerinPlantasil Relaxcare$0.10135-6000441 OHP
PPG-10 Methyl Glucose EtherPPG-10/Glucam (TM) P-10$0.25135-8004365 CHS
PPG-2 Myristyl Ether PropionateCrodamol PMP-LQ$0.95135-0082117 CHP
PRESERVATIVESPRESERVATIVES$2.50100-0034/ Liquapar Oil220 Pail
PRESERVATIVESPRESERVATIVES$2.50100-0035/ Euxyl K 30044 Pail
PumicePumice, Superior Gr$0.95135-668945 BAGS
Quaternium-84Mackernium NLE$0.25135-7052202 CHP
Rheology ModifierRheology Modifier A100$0.25806-7000996 OHP
Safflower OilSafflower Oil- High Oleic$0.45135-00951,661 CHP
SaltSalt$0.16100-8033P5,000 BAG
Scale Inhibitor/Control/Removal/AntifoulantAqua Treat AR 260$0.15100-7036494 TOTE
SDA 40B, 200Ethanol 40B, 200 Proof$2.75101-00101,691 Tote
See Specs For DetailsAdditive$0.25786-0052,700 OHP
See Specs For DetailsAdditive$0.25800-0082,097
Silicone Defoamer/Surfactant EmulsionNew Life Defoamer$0.42M230-900013,820 tote
Silicone EmulsionWacker HC 303$1.25230-90001,687 CHP
Silicone EmulsionXiameter MEM-1788$0.45230-90011,004 CHP
Silicone FluidXiameter PMX-200$4.00230-0004194 CHS
Silicone For 2 in 1/ ConditionerMicrosil HAF-HVPF$1.25135-9051654 CHP
Silicone LiquidDow Corning 225$5.00230-000556 Pail
Silicone Micro EmulsionMicrosil Finish PF$1.25135-9050989 CHS
SLES, 25%Surfapon NSO$0.45646-00017,500 OHP
SLES, 25%Surfapon NSO$0.45646-900222,590 OHP
SLES, 30%Chemsulf SLES-L230-1$0.65M646-90082,325 TOTE
SLES, 30%Chemsulf SLES-L230-1$0.65M646-9015910 TANKER
SLES, 30%Disponil FES 993$0.30646-90002,138 OHP
SLES, 30%Disponil FES 993$0.30646-900728,475 OHP
SLES, 30%Disponil FES 993$0.30646-900820,792 OHP
SLES, 30%Disponil FES 993$0.30646-900923,052 OHP
SLES, 30%Disponil FES 993$0.30646-901018,080 OHP
SLES, 30%SLES, 30%$0.45MS30-00004,410 tote
SLES, 30%SLES, 30%$0.45MS30-000146,304 tote
SLES, 30%SLES, 30%$0.45MS30-000228,664 tote
SLES, 30%SLES, 30%$0.45MS30-000328,664 tote
SLES, 30%SLES, 30%$0.45MS30-000439,690 TOTE
SLES, 30%SLES, 30%$0.45MS30-000533,075 TOTE
SLES, 30%STANDAPOL ES-2$0.55646-0007119 OHF
SLES, 30%Standapol ES-2 K$0.45646-25480 OHF/ OHP
SLES, 30%Sulfochem B-MEVK Surfactant Blend$0.45646-90042,700 Tote
SLES, 30%Sulfochem B-MEVK Surfactant Blend$0.45646-900510,800 Tote
SLES, 30%Surfapon ES-230$0.45646-9011B11,711 Tote
SLES, 30%Surfapon ES-230$0.45M646-9010B45,443 Tote
SLES, 30% (3 mole)SLES, 30% (3 mole)$0.45M646-0055PB41,895 TOTE
SLES, 30% (3 mole)SLES, 30% (3 mole)$0.45M646-0056PB26,460
SLES, 30% (3 mole)SLES, 30% (3 mole)$0.45M646-0067PB37,485 Totes
SLES, 30% (3 mole)SLES, 30% (3 mole)$0.45M646-0068PB28,665 TOTE
SLES, 30% (3 mole)SLES, 30% (3 mole)$0.45M646-9124PB35,280 Totes
SLES, 30% (3 mole)SLES, 30% (3 mole)$0.45M646-9128PB41,895 Totes
SLES, 70%EMAL 270D$0.85646-90154,364 OHP
SLES, 70%Sulfochem ES-70DX Surfactant$0.95646-00065,543 OHP
SLES, 70%Sulfochem ES-70DX Surfactant$0.95646-00092,250 CHP
SLES, 70%TEXAPON N 70$0.95646-00112,703 OHF
SLES, 70%TEXAPON N 701 S$0.95646-000237,485 Tote
SLES/Lauryl Glucoside/Cocamidopropyl BetaineSurfacare APC$0.95646-00032,250 Tote
SLES/Lauryl Glucoside/Cocamidopropyl BetaineSurfacare APC$0.95646-0004300 OHP
SLES/Lauryl Glucoside/Cocamidopropyl BetaineSurfacare APC$0.95646-0005462 OHP
SLS, 30%SLS, 30%$0.45645-8004450 CHP
SLS, 30%Stepanol WA Extra$0.45645-9010B12,439 Tote
SLS, 30%Sulfochem SLS$0.45645-9009450 OHP
SLS, 30%Texapon LS 30 NA$0.55645-9005B13,500 CHP/ Tote
SLS/Sodium Lauroamphoacetate/STDES/Coco MEAMiracare SLB 365 N$0.38555-900339,600 Tote
SLS/Sodium Lauroamphoacetate/STDES/Coco MEAMiracare SLB 365 N$0.38555-900511,000 Tote
Sodium Alphasulfo Methyl Ester And Disodium Alphasulfo Lauric Acid SaltAlpha Step MC-48$0.20646-7027272 CHP
Sodium Alphasulfo Methyl Ester And Disodium Alphasulfo Lauric Acid SaltAlpha Step MC-48$0.20646-90129,105
Sodium Bromide, 40%Bromide Plus$0.15100-80071,100 CHP
Sodium C14-17 Alkyl SulfonateHostapur SAS 30$0.38590-00015,160 OHP
Sodium CapryloamphopropionateCrodateric CYAP$0.65179-0001452 CHP
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate & Propylene GlycolMackam 1C$0.35179-90041,211 Tote
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate & Propylene GlycolMackam 1C$0.35179-90051,815 Tote
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate & Propylene GlycolMackam 1C$0.35179-90073,600
Sodium Cocoamphoacetate & Propylene GlycolMackam 1C$0.35179-90095,160 Tote
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, 85% (Granules)Hostapon SCI 85 G$1.50135-00214,352 OHP
Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate, 85% (Granules)Hostapon SCI 85 G$1.50135-0022275 OHP
Sodium Dibutyl Naphthalene SulfonateRhodacal BX-78$0.30540-70021,500 OHP
Sodium Dibutyl Naphthalene SulfonateRhodacal BX-78$0.30540-70044,600 BAG
Sodium Hydroxymethyl GlycinateMackstat SHG$0.40100-702114,519 TOTE
Sodium LauroamphoacetateDehyton ML PG$0.45M179-700126,304 TOTES
Sodium LauroamphoacetateDehyton ML PG$0.45M179-70023,270 TOTES
Sodium LauroamphoacetateJeeteric LM-M30$0.55179-0007887 CHP
Sodium LauroamphoacetateMiranol HMD$0.45179-901099,892 Tote
Sodium Lauroyl IsethionateHostapon SLI 80$0.35179-90003,990 SS
Sodium Lauroyl IsethionateHostapon SLI 80$0.35179-900116,779 SS
Sodium SilicateSodium Silicate$0.10102-098481 CHS
Sodium SilicoaluminateTixolex 28 ZEO3$0.15100-800630,952 SS
Sodium Tridecyl Di(Oxyethyl) SulfateTexapon TDA 265$0.45649-80012,315 TOTE
Sodium Tridecyl Di(Oxyethyl) SulfateTexapon TDA 265$0.45649-800223,150 TOTE
Sodium Zinc PolyitaconateZinador 22L-LQ-(AP)$25.00135-0020276 SMCHP
Sodium Zinc PolyitaconateZinador 22L-LQ-(AP)$25.00135-00281,925 SMCHP
Sorbitan MonooleateProtameen SMO$0.95250-0004250 CHS
Sorbitan MonopalmitateSpan 40-PW$1.55250-0002428 OHF
Sorbitol SolutionNeosorb 70/90B-Sorbitol$0.45101-00072,400 CHS
SORBITOL, 70%SORBITOL SOLUTION, 70%$0.45101-00051,809 CHS
SORBITOL, 70%SORBITOL SOLUTION, 70%$0.45101-00063,594 CHP
Soybean OilSoybean Oil$0.50135-0047220 Pail
Soybean OilSoybean Oil$0.50135-9110/ Cropure Soybean-LQ733 CHS
Soybean OilSoybean Oil$0.50135-9112/ Super Refined Soybean Oil1,254 Pail
Soybean Oil With Mineral Spirits- Archer 1052Soybean Oil W/Mineral Spirits-Archer 1052$0.25801-600121,159 CHS
Stearaic AcidEmersol 132 NF Lily$0.00200-0003387 Bag
Stearamide MEAMackamide SMV$0.50650-700512,550 BAG
Stearamide MEAMackamide SMV$0.50650-70066,080 OHF
Steareth-2Brij S2-SO$0.95679-0002360 OHS
Steareth-2Brij S2-SO$0.95679-90053,970 OHS
Stearic AcidEmersol 7036$0.45200-0005733 Bag
Stearic Acid, FlakesMascid 1802$0.45200-000425 Bag
Stearyl AlcoholFatty Alcohol C18-95, 100%$0.45676-900017,400 Bags
Stearyl AlcoholFatty Alcohol C18-95, 100%$0.45676-9002250 Bag
Stearyl Alcohol (C-18 alcohol)Stearyl Alcohol$0.85676-9007B35,979 Tote
Super White PetrolatumSuper White Petrolatum$1.05135-0078962 OHS
Surfactant - Part BPart B (Vida Labs)$0.50MCBB-00001,800 OHP
Surfactant Blend (Abex 2020)Abex 2020$0.35201-90007,227 Tote
Surfactant Blend/Anionic, (MILD) 50%Texapon ASV-50$0.35644-90001,893 OHP
Tetrasodium Ethylenediamine TetraacetateChelating Agent.$0.45101-9003/ Versene 100 LN1,160 CHP
Tetrasodium PyrophosphatePrayphos TSPP FG PWD$0.45100-00012,500 SS
TIPA, LFG 85Triisopropanolamine, LFG 85$0.20667-7009440 CHS
TIPA, LFG 85Triisopropanolamine, LFG 85$0.20667-70171,995 TOTE
Toilet Bowl CleanerCleaner - Toilet Bowl$0.05L110-7005647 Tote
Toluene Reagent ACSToluene Reagent ACS$0.95600-039800 CHS
Tridecyl Alcohol EthoxylateRhodasurf BC-729$0.45587-9012450 CHP
Trimethyl Nonyl Polyethylene GlycolADF Additive D$0.07587-0009402 CHS
Trimethyl Nonyl Polyethylene GlycolADF Additive D$0.07587-323428 CHS
Trimethylsiloxy-TerminatedDow Corning 360 Medical Fluid, 1000 CST$5.00230-0007398 Pail
TSPTrisodium Phosphate$5.00101-00012,100 Bag
Unoxol 3,4 DIOLUnoxol 3,4 DIOL$0.01100-030922 CHS
ValeraldehydeValeraldehyde$0.01200-0222,315 CHS
Various FlavorsFlavors$0.50135-00366,935 Plts
Vinyl Chloride Butadiene LatexNLC 6311$0.78NLC 631130,087 Tote
Vitamin E AcetateVitamin E Acetate$6.00135-0101131 OHS
Water And Linum Usitatissium (Linseed) Seed ExtractNatunola Flax Protein$0.00135-70612,646 CHP
Wax DispersionWax Dispersion$0.15800-018716 OHS
White PetrolatumPenreco Ultima White Petrolatum$1.05135-0080672 OHS
Xanthan GumKeltrol CG-T$0.45100-0025197 Box
Xanthan GumXantural 180$0.45100-002640 Box
Zeolites & Polyaromatic EsterRepel-O-Tex ZE03$0.15100-800914,400 SS
5/1/2020 2:14:50PM