If you do not see what you want, call and inquire at 864-277-5516. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC

Item No.Product July 2018 DescriptionVolume (Lbs)ModePrice FOB per lb
7001Printrite 595Pigment Printing acrylic binder. 44% solids; -20C Tg. Low crock, soft hand binder for textile printing.2,700Drums$0.45
7002Caspol 1962100% active castor oil based reactive diluent triol with high reactivity, higher hardness adn strength for chemical resistance and weatherability in bake topcoast and primers or polyurethane coatings.500Drums$0.45
7003Terasperse 2000Surfactant for aqueous pigment dispersions, 100% active. Particularly effective with difficult to disperse pigments such as carbon black and phthalo blue. Recommended as a wetting agent for all water-based coatings - quick dispersing and low foaming.1,269Drums$0.45
7004Liquitron 345High solids polyethylene wax dispersion designed for use in water-based inks and coatings to impart excellent rub resistance and toughness. 42% non-volatiles.995Drums$0.45
7005AquaFLON (Hydrocer) 605Aqueous dispersion of PTFE and wax, extremely small particle size. Excellent rub and abrasion resistance, good slip resistance, easy to incorporate, 50% non-volaties1,178Drums$0.45
7006Lanco Liquimatt 623744% non-volatile, easy to handle wax dispersion for gloss control in solvent based coatings. Good uniform matting, wide compatability polypropylene wax dispersion.716Drums$0.45
7007Loxanol CA 5086Coalescing solvent and plasticizer, m,p-cresol propoxylate; non-volatile coalescent for plasticizing acrylic emulsion polymers for elongation and recovery properties926Drums$0.45
7008Kelsol 3939 Water Reducible Linseed Oil for VOC compliant wood finishes7,427Drums$0.40
7009Solthix A10030% Active polymeric water based thickener HMASE type18,746Drums$0.75
7010Surfathix NAcrylic based 30% solids rheology modifier performs as an all-in-one solution for consumer cleansing products24,696Drums$0.50
7011Nonionic HW 1000100% active, Non-APE containing high performance, low foam, wetting agent4,280Drums$0.65
7012Latex - Elastomeric Roof Coating Grade55% active acrylic latex polymer 3250X, -28C Tg85,531Totes$0.58
7013Alberdingk U 6150Aliphatic polyurethane dispersion, 39% solids. excellent adhesion to multiple substrates. It can be used as a stand-alone product or as a modifier to acrylic dispersions119,070Totes$0.55
7014Glycol Ether PNPprimarily used in cleaning products, where its fast evaporation rate and excellent ability to solubilize organic soils makes it useful in a wide variety of formulation systems.18,204Totes$0.70
7015Archer 1052 Soya oilDCPD modified soybean oil in mineral spirits for clear coatings70,762Drums$0.45
7016Styrene Butadiene polymer ND 580Styrene butadiene used in industrial non-wovens, concrete admixtures and waterproofing. Provides superior film water resistance and strength. APEO and ammonia free78,850Totes$0.50
7017Lube APPG-200Polyether modified polysiloxane defoamer25,370Drums$0.20
7018Nonionic X-405POE (35) Octyl Phenol 70% surfactant10,080Drums$0.80
7019Poloxamer 407 (Pluronic F-127)Widely used in cosmetics for dissolving oily ingredients in water. It can also be found in multi-purpose contact lens cleaning solutions, where its purpose there is to help remove lipid films from the lens. It can also be found in some mouthwashes & toothpastes.TLDrums$0.40
7020Pluronic F-87 (Hydropalat WE 3988)A wetting agent, additives for inks, varnishes or coatings, dispersing agentTLDrums$0.45
7021Rhodoline DF-665Workhorse defoamer that is designed for waterborne coating formulations. It is APE-free and zero VOC. Particularly effective for lower sheen formulations, but can be applied to higher sheen formulations up to semi gloss paints. 25,949Drums$0.48
7022Rhodoline OTE 500APE-free and solvent-free additive and can be used for both resin and waterborne paint formulations to extend open time as well as improve film gloss, stain removal, and pigment dispersion.28,915Drums$0.48
7023Varonic K 2022 mole ethoxylate of primary coco amine4,365Drums$0.75
7024Trilom M Complexing AgentMethyl Glycine Diacetic Acid, Trisodium Salt. A replacement for other, less environmentally friendly complexing agents such as phosphates, phosphonates, zeolites and silicates.200,000Totes$0.35
7025Mackanate OMA very mild, high foaming and anionic surfactant. (Disodium oleamido MEA sulfosuccinate)24,634Totes Drums$0.45
7026Mackamide SMVDesigned for use in household and cosmetic preparations as a pearling and opacifying agent. ( A stearic monoethanolamide manufactured from plant-derived stearic acid and contains no animal-derived components.)21,670Bags Drums$0.65
7027Calsoft AOS-40 (Alpha Olefin Sulfonate)Excellent foaming, wetting, detergency for handsopa, car wash, laundry and hard surface cleaners.70,000Totes$0.65
7028Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, 30%SLS 30%41,000Totes$0.56
7029Polycare BoostSilicone containing hair conditioner for 2-in-1 shampoos.33,000Drums$0.45
7030Cyastat 609 (Antistatic Agent)N,B-bis(2-hydroxyethyl)-N-(3-dodecylocy-2-hydroxypropyl) Methylammonium methosulfate6,800Drums$0.65
7031Aluminum Sulphate, 50% AQCoagulating agent. Unopened drums2,500Drums$0.45