If you do not see what you want, call and inquire at 864-277-5516. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC

Call us at 864-277-5516 New Life ChemicalIf you do not see what you want, call and inquire. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SCwww.newlife-chem/products
Item No.Product DescriptionVolume (Lbs)ModePrice FOB per lb
1001Styrene Butadiene Rubber (Original package)Pliogum 6643A23,130BagsMake Offer
1002Bonding AgentCorebond CB-23882BoxMake Offer
1003Vulcanizing AgentArkema SR534 D3,600BoxMake Offer
1004Secondary polyether polyolFoam Control and Wetting agent Nonionic L-62TLTotes0.75
1005Polyalkylene GlycolAnti-foam agent Polyglycol P390TLTotes0.55
1006Disodium CocoamphodiacetateMild amphoteric surfactant Mackam 2C-75TLTotes$0.55
1007DCPD Modified Soybean oil copolymer70% in mineral spirits52,729Drums$0.29
1008ALS, 30%Standapol AMK-A44,100Totes$0.45
1009Attapulgite ClayAttagel 5026,950Bags$0.45
1010Attapulgite ClayAttagel 4037,500Bags$0.45
1011SLES, 30%Standapol ES-1K34,515Totes$0.55
1012SLES, 30%Standapol ES-2K30,950Totes$0.55
1013Nonylphenol ethoxylate NP-9 replacement surfactantAlcohol Ethoxylate AEP free Inoterra DWF22,734Drums$0.95
1014POE (8) C10 Alcohol EthoxylateAlkyl polyethylene glycol ether Lutensol XP-80TLTotes$0.95
1015Disodium Salt of Monoalkyl Ether SulfosuccinateSulfosuccinate Geropon SS OIP34,745Totes$0.25
1016Coco DEA, GlycerinUsed as a thickener in combination with fatty alcohol ether sulfates Mackamide OD 895 NT30,631Totes$0.85
1017MGDA Trisodium SaltChelating Agent Trilon MTLTotes$0.35
1018Tallow dipropylene triamineCorrosion inhibitor, dispersing agent, emulsifier, and hydrophobizing. Triameen T26,640Drums$0.48
1019Polypropylene glycol monoallyl etherFroth Aid Lube APPG-20025,370Drums$0.20
1020Rheology Modifier/Thickener Rinse off systems.Thickener for rinse off systems. Exceptional clarity, efficient thickening and stable suspension of beads. Surfathix N24,696Drums$0.45
1021Blown Linseed Oil Z2Oxidized Linseed oil15,540Drums$0.35
1022Cocoamide MEAComperlan CMEA NA8,100SS$0.80
1023Aliphatic C-5 Hydrocarbon ResinWingtack RWT 7850 Flake7,580bags$0.45
1024C8-10 AlcoholLinear primary alcohol Alfol 8104,252Drums$0.52
1025Allyl Alcohol EthoxylateSipomer AAE 10 6,750Totes$1.05
1026Ethoxylated Coconut MonoethanolamineAlkamide C 48,400Drums$0.75
1027Wetting agent, surfactant, APE freeAPE-Free and solvent free surfactant designed for waterborne coatings, inks and adhesives Rhodoline WA 1003,960Drums$0.85
1028POE (30) Nonyl phenolIgepal CO 8802,300Drums$0.85
1029Vitamin E oil USPVitamin E oil USP722Drums$12.00
1030Graded CoalGraded Coal9,492BagsMake Offer
1031Sodium Carbonate Granular sodium carbonate16,168BagsMake Offer
1032C12-15 Linear Alcohol, 9 mole EOWide spec. Call for detailsBulk TLBulkBased on Vol.
1033Stearamide MEAMackamide SMV37,000SS$0.40
1034PEG 400 MOPEG 400 MO40,000Drums$0.65
1035Silicone Emulsion Anti Foam AgentXiameter AFE - 070024,000DrumsMake Offer
1036EO/PO Block CopolymerAntarox L-6422,000Drums$0.75
1037Sodium Lauryl Isethionate Hostapo SLI 8022,000SS$0.40
1038Phosphate EsterChemphos TR-42115,750Drums$0.70