If you do not see what you want, call and inquire at 864-277-5516. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC

Call us at 864-277-5516 New Life ChemicalIf you do not see what you want, call and inquire. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SCwww.newlife-chem/products
Item No.Product DescriptionVolume (Lbs)ModePrice FOB per lb
Below items are a small selection of our regular surplus chemical inventory
9001Triamine TTallow AL Dipropyl Triamine25,920Drums$0.65
9002Sodium Bromide Solution40% concentration1,098Drums$0.12
9003Rhodaterge BCCan effective, low-foaming cleaning agent surfactant blend4,740Drums$0.45
9004Biosoft S-101LABSA, 98% Active Anionic surfactant with excellent detergency, 3,313Drums$0.95
9005Nonionic 15-S-12Surfactant Secondary Alcohol Ethyoxylate443Drums$1.05
9006Nonionic X-102Surfactant Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate, 100%440Drums$1.00
9007Nonionic X-305Surfactant Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate, 70%480Drums$1.05
9008Nonionic X-405Surfactant Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate, 70%28,204Drums$1.05
9009Nonionic X-705Surfactant Octyl Phenol Ethoxylate, 70%4,800Drums$0.95
9010MPEG 350Methoxypolyethylene glycol409Drums$0.85
9011PEG 400Polyethylene glycol 4006,180Drums$0.75
9012PEG 540 Polyethylene glycol 540 Blend13,467Drums$0.60
9013PEG 4000 PrimePrime in spec with COA60,255Super Sacks$0.85
9014Actipone Ginger B ExtractBotanical Extract667Pails$0.10
9015Extrapone Apricot B ExtractBotanical Extract110Pails$0.10
9016Extrapone Raspberry & AlmondBotanical Extract176Pails$0.10
9017Extrapone Iris B ExtractBotanical Extract55Pail$0.10
9018Jojoba Scrubbing BeadsJojoba oil is a liquid wax derived from the jojoba shrub. The wax is processed to a solid wax, which is referred to as a jojoba ester. These jojoba esters are the beads. Used for exfoliant.2,574Kegs$2.50
9019Euperlan PK 3000Pearlizing agent8,440Drums$1.05
9020ISP Captives BeadsBeads for soap2,035Pails$0.80
9021Laundry PowderTL Quantities Available White & Blue45,000Super Sacks$0.30
9022Window CleanerSquegee off window cleanere1,845Tote$0.05
9023Toilet Bowl CleanerDepackaged Kills 99% of viruses and bacteria21,160Totes$0.10
9024Dish DetergentTL Quantities Available Orange45,000Totes$0.18
9025Alkyl PolyglucosideTL Quantities Available45,000Totes$0.55
9026Gerapon WS 25LDinonyl Sulfosuccinate Sodium15,527Drums$0.27
9027Mackanate OMDisodium Oleamido MEA-Sulfosuccinate Mild cleanser19,226Totes Drums$0.45
9028Polycare BoostHighly compatible conditioning agent. Ready-to-use liquid blend of a cationic conditioning polymer and a silicone for 2-in-1 conditioning shampoos and conditioners that improve hair shine. 33,048Drums$0.45
9029Lube APPG 200 (Analog to Gelest ENEP3810)Glycol Oligomer Polypropylene glycol monoallyl ether25,370Drums$0.25
9030DPG/DPMA BlendDipropylene Glycol/ Dipropylene glycol methyl ether acetate blend8,636Drums$0.25
9031Glucamate DOE 120Methyl Glucose Dioleate, thickener791Drums$0.55
9032Calimulse L-22DDBSA 23% 15,739Drums$0.25
9033Barquat MB-80Quaternary Amine - a blend of alkyl dimethyl benzyl ammonium chlorides Anti-microbial3,056Drums$1.30
9034Acticide MBSIsothiozoline Microbiocide442Drums$1.80
9035Nonionic NP-30, 70% activeNonyl Phenol Ethoxylate Surfactant, 70%45,921Totes/ Drums$0.65
9036Natunola Flax ProtienDesigned to improve the appearance of dry and damaged hair and provide moisturization to the skin.3,969Drums$0.45
9037Mackamide L-95Lauramide DEA 11,008Drums$0.95
9038Igepal CO 897POE (40) Octyl Phenol 70%3,653Drums$0.70
9039Igepal CA-890POE (40) Octyl Phenol 5,520Drums$0.70
9040Igepal CO 977POE (50) Nonylphenol ethoxylate18,400Drums$0.70
9041Solthix A-100Rheology modifier, HASE acrylic emulsion Used in water-based automotive paints, screen inks and industrial paints.18,746Drums$0.58
9042Ethylan 324DLow HLB dispersant and wetting agent, EO/PO blocked copolymer18,279Drums$0.28
9043Flexisurf MCO-30HI&I Surface Cleaner 30% active Myristyl/Cetyl dimethylamine oxide in water2,800Tote$0.25
9044Fragrance OilDeodal #1 CP9,728Drums$0.50
9045Phosphoric Acid 85% Food GradePhosphoric Acid2,138Tote Drums$0.45
9046Tomodol 23-5POE (5) C12-13 Alcohol Ethoxylate4,730Drums$1.15
9047ALS 30%Standapol AMK-A103,000Totes$0.45
9048Rhodafac RE-520Phosphate Ester16,650Drums$0.30
9049Kester Wax K-12Cetearyl Behenate235Boxes$0.25
9050Kester Wax K-82DDi-C20-40 Alkyl Dimer Dilinoleate440Boxes$0.25
9051Plantatex HCCHigh performance wax dispersion8,820Totes$0.45