If you do not see what you want, call and inquire at 864-277-5516. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC

Call us at 864-277-5516 New Life Chemical We have great deals on other stuff too!If you do not see what you want, call and inquire. This is a short list of our product offering. All prices are per lb. FOB Greenville, SC
Product DescriptionVolume (Lbs)ModePrice FOB per lb
New Life Chemical can blend and package into totes your hand sanitizer product formulation. We have all necessary permits and safety equipment to safely blend your formulation. Contact us for details
6001Dish Detergent MD14-9001Orange DetergentTruck LoadTotes $0.12
6002Isopropyl Alcohol, 70% 100-0041IPA, 70%1,950Drums $2.85
6003Nonionic EH-40, 75% Surfactant 587-0021B2-Ethyl Hexanol EO/PO SurfactantTruck LoadTotes $0.55
6004Ritathix DOE Thickener 260-9012Cold mix liquid surfactant for clear products880Small Kegs $1.20
6005Flowsolve 150 LQ 100-0004Polymeric surfactant Asphaltene Dispersant30,292Drums/ Totes$0.45
6006Mackanate LO 642-9001Lauryl Alcohol Sulfosuccinate60,000Drums$0.45
6007Alkamide C-4 650-9000Ethoxylated Coconut Monoethanolamine Foam Booster8,000Drums $0.75
6008Hydrogenated Soybean Oil Methyl Ester 135-0024Environmentally safe alternative cost-effective cleaning agent/solvent44,733Drums$0.55
6009Super Refined PEG 400 260-0007PEG 4001,320Pails$1.50
6010Super Refined PEG 400 260-0006PEG 4007,940Drums$1.50
6011Petrolatum 135-0104Protopet 2A Yellow Petrolatum302Drum$1.05
6012Safflower Oil Phytal SAF HQ 135-0095High Oleic Safflower Oil1,661Drums $0.55
6013Soybean Oil 135-9112Super Refined Soybean Oil1,254Pails$0.55
6014Coconut Oil 135-902492 Degree Coconut Oil3,521Boxes$0.75
6015Castor Oil Monomaleate 724-9000Ceraphyl RMT Ester Emolllient4,500Drums$0.75
6016Cocoamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine 530-0002CAS 50 Cocoamidopropyl Hydroxysultaine58,206Totes/ Drums $0.60
6017S4 Fatty Acid Methyl Ester 135-9087FAME (bio-ester) Fatty Acid Methyl Ester38,668Drums $0.55
6018Pearlizing Agent 135-9087Euperlan KE 451511,010Drums/ Totes$0.85
6019Hydrophobic Lubricant 230-0007Dimethicone 360 Silicone fluid398Pails $5.00
6020Cocamide MEA 650-9006Comperlan 100 NA19,022Super Sacks $0.75
6021EO/PO Poloxamer F-127EO/PO Blocked Copolymer40,900Bags $0.75
6022Odor Neutralizer 135-0020Zinador 22L-AQ2,201Kegs $25.00
6023Cocoamidopropyl Betaine 530-0003Schercotain CAB 35 3,844Drums $0.55
6024Preservative 100-8011Bronidox L1,980Pails $1.50
6025Tetrasodium Pyrophosphate 100-0001Prayphos TSPP FG PWD2,500Super Sacks $0.75
6026Antimicrobieal 100-9028Benzethonium Chloride924Kegs $15.00
6027Laureth-9 135-0066Jeecol LA-9701Drums $0.65
6028Decamethylcyclo- pentasiloxane 230-0011Dowsil 5225 C3,087Drums $2.50
6029Silicone Emulsion 230-9001Xiameter MEM 17881,004Drums $0.45
6030Fatty Alcohol 676-9006Rofanol 70/75 V Cetyl Oleyl Alcohol10,495Drums$0.55
6031Flavor - Optacool C 135-9093Optacool C1,031Drums$0.50
6032Paraben Preservative 100-0034Liquipar Oil220Pails$2.50
6033Arnica Oil 135-0097Arnica Oil712Pails$20.00
6034White Mineral Oil, USP 135-0115Drakeol 35 Min Oil USP403Drums$0.65
6035Latex - various chemistriesCall for detailsTLTotes$0.30
6036Lanolin Alcohol 135-0117Super Hartolan44Box $2.50
6037Super White Petrolatum, USP 135-0012Super White Petrolatum, USP1,680Drums$1.05
6038Mineral Oil 135-0072Carnation White Mineral Oil3,360Drums $0.65
6039Steareth-2 679-9005Brij S2-SO4,330Drums$1.10
6040Biocide MIT/BIT 100-0043Acticide MBS298Drum/ Pail $3.00
6041Biocide CMIT/MIT bronopol 100-0056Acticde GA200Drum$3.00
6042Rheological Control Agent 135-9022Bentone Gel GTCC V2,379Drums$0.60
6043C10-16 Ethoxylated Alcohol 587-0019Envirocol LSA-3587Drums$0.75
6044Stearyl Alcohol 676-9007BStearyl Alcohol 36,365Drums/ Totes$0.25
6045Mineral Oil 350 cps DRRenoil 350-W15,000Totes$0.65
6046Distearyl Ether TNEmollient/Opacifier20,377Bags$0.75
6047SLES Blend 65% 646-0012SLES Blend 65%40,000Totes$0.49
6048Trisodium Phosphate 101-0001TSP Dodecahydrate Prayphos TSP 12 FG2,100Bags$0.30