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Detergent Production & Sales

New Life Chemical has learned and equipped ourselves, over the last 17 years, to produce our own generic laundry detergent, dish detergent and fabric softeners in a low cost manner.  We have six mixing tanks that are 3,100 gallons each and are half-jacketed, steam heated, stainless steel construction.  In these tanks we can blend our surplus chemicals into detergents or softeners that we sell on a wholesale only basis in either tank truck or 275 gallon IBC containers in truckload quantities.  We are seeking entrepreneurial business partners who will distribute our detergents in local markets.  Often, our customers sell into the restaurant, hospitality and hotel markets or they repackage the material and brand it themselves for markets such as dollar stores or flea markets.

We have three chemist working in a brand new 750 square foot laboratory adjacent to our production floor for close quality control.  By understanding the nuances of our formulation chemistry, we can use surplus chemicals to flexibly formulate a consistent product at a significantly lower cost.  By doing so, we accomplish the ultimate goal in “green chemistry” by truly incorporating an otherwise unwanted material into a useable formulation simply because we understand the chemistry and how to adjust our formulations.

Contact us if you are interested in discussing our production offering or a custom formulation for detergent or softener!  864-277-5516

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