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Earth Day Message

What if there were an environmentally sound way to generate value and working capital from your surplus chemical, “dead inventory?”  What if a market existed for your potential “waste” materials by finding a beneficial reuse for the products?

Such an approach would allow you to recapture value through working capital recovery and improved storage space utilization with the added benefit of avoiding costly disposal fees and a negative mark to your sustainability initiative scorecard.

I’m going to show you an even better way.

New Life Chemical & Equipment, Inc. is entering its third decade in the surplus chemical business.  We are experts in evaluating what others may consider “waste” and finding value in an alternative use.  Over the last two decades, we have established a network and marketplace for surplus chemical stock.  Once we evaluate your surplus chemical, we can assign a value to it for the marketplace and place it into our network of buyers.  This prevents loss (material cost) upon loss (disposal fees) for the current owner by recovering some portion of working capital and freeing up storage space.  We provide a lower price financial incentive for the new buyer who can formulate the chemical into their product.  We are not just another broker.  We can immediately purchase and take possession of your surplus items.  We are not a disposal company.  We find an alternative user for the material from among our thousands of customers around the world, or we may use the material in our own internal production.  We market these materials as generic chemicals and protect your brand name.

We can help with your scale-up product, surplus chemical inventory, aged inventory or mistakes and do so in a quick, reasonable, confidential and safe manner.  Our plant is fully compliant with all necessary regulations, with an onsite EHS staff, laboratory and chemists and we are open for an audit at your convenience.

Sustainability brings value to people, to our environment and it makes good business sense.   With one phone call, New Life Chemical can improve your sustainability efforts.  Call us today at 864-277-5516 or visit our website at to learn more about our company.

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