New Life Chemical & Equipment, Inc. has six 3,100 gallon stainless steel mixing tanks in a series formation. These are half jacketed, steam heated mixers. We produce custom pre-blends for customers who can eliminate this step and cost from their manufacturing process. We blend sulfated products such aas ether sulfates, latex emulsion polymers, nonyl phenols, alkoxylates and many other chemistries.

We also manufacture generic laundry detergent, dish detergent and fabric softeners which we sell wholesale in bulk or in IBC totes (275 gallons) to distributors or repackaging companies who then distribute as their private label.

We also have a powder packaging and blending business where we can customize the package type for a wide variety of chemicals such as sodium hydrosulfite, hydrocarbon resin, guar gums, polyvinyl alcohol, laundry powder detergents, etc.