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Ref. Item September 2017
Volume (Lbs) Mode Price
9001 Call us at 864-277-5516 If you do not see what you want, call and inquire. This is a short list of our product offering.      
9002 Anhydrous Magnesium Sulphate - Prime Prime material available due to lost business 17,000 bags $0.30
9003 Aminoethanolamine (AEEA) Used in the production of surfactants, fabric softeners, fuel additives, chelates 7,790 Drums $0.85
9004 Noverite K-775 Acrylate copolymer, 50 % solids, for use in automatic dishwashing systems, fabric cleaners, and surface cleaners 2,201 Drums $0.15
9005 M-P-A 60MS A highly efficient organic antisettling agent and sag control additive supplied as a soft paste dispersed in mineral spirit. 325 Drums $0.45
9006 Anionic W-30 Concentrate surfactant
Alkoxylate sulfate
Excellent wetting, minimal rewetting, water repellant finishes, fabric, carpeting. (Replacement for Triton 770 discontinued) 30,240 Drums $0.25
9007 Alpha Terpineol Has a pleasant odor similar to lilac and is a common ingredient in perfumes, cosmetics, and flavors. 408 Drums $0.75
9008 Acetophenone An ingredient in fragrances that resemble almond, cherry, honeysuckle, jasmine, and strawberry. It is used in chewing gum. 882 Drums $0.50
9009 Benfield Activator ACT-1 Gas processing aid. 1,196 Drums $0.05
9010 Surfactant XN-45S Excellent wetting, emulsifying & dispersing ability. 60% active.
(Replacement for Triton 770 discontinued)
3,112 Drums $0.40
9011 Vantocil P Anti-microbial A broad spectrum, fast acting antimicrobial for the formulation of disinfectants and sanitizers . 962 Tote $1.85
9012 Carboxyline 25-40 Anti-scaling agent, anti-redeposition agent derived from chicory roots. 1,690 Tote $0.75
9013 BAB Amidopropyl Betaine A mild amphoteric surfactant that is derived from babassu oil grown organically in the Amazon basin of Brazil. It is a good foamer, increases and stabilizes the foam generated by anionic surfactants. 48,320 Tote $0.65
9014 Mergal K14 A formulated isothiazolinone (CMIT / MIT) in-can preservative recommended for waterborne adhesives, pigment and clay slurries, starch solutions, sealants, latex paints and inks, fountain solutions, polymer emulsions, rheology modifiers and wax emulsions. 125 Drums $0.25
9015 Dehyton AO 45
Algal amidopropyl betaine
A novel solution for personal care formulators in need of a renewable, amphoteric surfactant. a mild betaine that can be used in various applications including shampoos, liquid hand soaps, body washes. 14,560 Totes $0.55
9016 Pentasodium DTPA Chelating agent. (Versenex 80) 27,620 Totes $0.35
9017 Cocoamidopropylamine Oxide
(Dehyton CAW)
This product has an amine oxide content of 29.00-31.00%, a pH value (as is, 25C) of 6.50-7.50, and a peroxide value of <= 0.20%. 1,470 Drums $0.55
9018 Cocoamidopropylamine Oxide
(Mackamine CAO)
Excellent foam boosting properties, viscosity building and foam stability in a wide spectrum of formulations. ( Similar to Dehyton CAW) 7,200 Drums $0.55
9019 Decyclamine Oxide
(Mackamine C-10)
Pure decylamine oxide that provides detergency with low to moderate foaming properties. It is compatible with most surfactants and because there are no amide or ester groups 7,803 Drums $0.55
9020 Rhodoline 944 Defoamer, Can be used as a very good defoamer for PVC stripping. 12,800 Drums $0.75
9021 Rhodoline DF-988 Silicone-free, mineral oil-free and APE-free defoamer for use in waterborne coating formulations. 4,000 Tote $0.75
9022 Diethylene Triamine (DETA) DETA 438 Drums $1.25
9023 K-Flex 500 A polar plasticizer blend of dipropylene glycol dibenzoate and diethylene glycol dibenzoate for optimal properties. 495 Drums $0.60
9024 DIPA 85% Diisopropanolamine 85% GT grade 27,054 Totes $0.60
9025 DIPA 85% Diisopropanolamine 85% LFG grade 5,400 drums $0.85
9026 Disodium Cocoamphodiacetate, 50% Ideal for use in shampoos, bath products, hand and facial cleaners, baby wipes and other mild personal care products. 24,828 Totes $0.45
9027 Disodium Cocoamphodipropionate Alcohol and salt free, mild, amphoteric surfactant with applications in both personal care and industrial formulations. 10,341 Drums $0.55
9028 Geropon SBL 203 A mild anionic foam with boosting properties. It is typically used as a secondary surfactant in liquid hand soap, skin cleanser and shampoo formulations, improving overall foam quality and imparting a soft feel to the skin. 4,900 Drums $0.45
9029 Geropon SBFA-30 An ultra-mild anionic surfactant that
demonstrates excellent foaming properties in
both soft and hard waters.
8,945 Totes $0.45
9030 Disodium Lauryl Sulfosuccinate A very light colored, mild sulfosuccinate surfactant derived from vegetable soourced lauryl alcohol. 21,502 Drums $0.45
9031 Geropon SS OIP Surfactant. Used in bath product, body wash, facial cleanser, liquid soap and shampoo. Provides foaming, penetrating and wetting properties. 35,230 Totes $0.45
9032 Chelating Agent (Antiprex CEX) An aqeupous (38%) solution of the tetrasodium salt of EDTA 44,532 Totes $0.50
9033 Polyether Polyol, 100% active,
Nonionic L-81
Low temperature foam control, good rinseability and wetting, High thermal and chemical stability. 86,163 drums $0.75
9034 Glycerine 99.5% Tech Grade Glycerine 99.5% Tech Grade 2,204 Drums $0.55
9035 DCPD Linseed Oil, 70% MS A copolymer of linseed oil and dicyclopentadiene fast drying, good alkali resistance, and can be made with lighter base for lighter color. It has recommended applications in enamels, varnishes, reinforced oils, and aluminum paints. 10,892 Drums $0.40
9036 N-Methylethanolamine (NMEA) NMEA CH3 NH CH2 CH2 OH. A secondary amine (alkyl alkanolamine)a versatile, polyfunctional molecule that combines the characteristics of amines and alcohols. NMEA is capable of undergoing reactions typical of both alcohols and amines, forming quaternary amine salts, soaps, esters and amides. 50,041 Drums $0.30
9037 Nylon 66 Plastics, Nylon 66 60,229 Gaylords $1.15
9038 Avebe ‘Perfectamyl GEL EMP’ Oxidized Potato Starch (modified food starch), Kosher with certificates. 280,000 SS make offer
9039 PEG 1450 Molten PEG 1450 27,919 Drums $0.55
9040 PEG 540 Blend PEG 540 Blend 13,467 Drums $0.55
9041 Petrolatum, White USP Grade Pinnacle 190 API 18,349 Drums $0.75
9042 NP-9 Nonyl Phenol 6,355 Drums $0.70
9043 NP-10 Nonyl Phenol 19,643 Drums $0.70
9044 NP-11 Nonyl Phenol 3,767 drums $0.70
9045 NP-13 Nonyl Phenol 3,773 Drums $0.70
9046 NP-15 Nonyl Phenol 8,169 Drums $0.70
9047 Alpha Plus C20-24 IS Alpha Olefin TT Bulk $0.60
9048 Arlypon F
POE (2.5) Lauryl Alcohol
A thickener for cosmetic surfactant preparations including shampoos, shower preparations and foam baths. 794 Drums $0.85
9049 POE (3) Laryl Alcohol Ethoxylate Lauryl Alcohol Ethoxylate 2,050 Drums $0.85
9050 POE (4) Isodecyl Alcohol Foryl 5950 3,771 Drums $0.65
9051 Nonionic 15-S-40, 30% POE (40) Secondary Alcohol 93,991 Totes $0.25
9052 Nonionic NP-50, 70% Effective at high temperatures, highly water-soluble emulsifier & stabilizer, detergency, versatile solubility characteristics, low odor, good wetting properties. TL Totes $0.70
9053 Nonionic NP-50, 100% Effective at high temperatures, highly water-soluble emulsifier & stabilizer, detergency, versatile solubility characteristics, low odor, good wetting properties. 187,970 Drums $0.65
9054 Eumulgin L A non-ionic, oil-in-water emulsifier and/or solubilizer, that is used in tonics and other aqueous cosmetic preparations. hydroxyl value of 140.0-155.0, a cloud temperature of 56-60C, and a pH value (1%) of 6,0-7,5. 6,235 drum/pails $0.60
9055 Surfathix N, 30%
Rheology modifier
A slightly hydrophobic acrylic based polymer which provides rheology modification to surfactant based skin and hair care formulations. 24,696 Drums $0.30
9056 Surfapon NSO, 25% SLES 25% 34,722 Totes $0.30
9057 Texapon N 25 BZ NA SLES, 30% 92,600 drums $0.35
9058 Kester Wax K-62 A hard, medium chain ester wax from naturally derived feed stock. 235 Box $0.55
9059 Triethylene Phosphate TEP 88,423 Totes $1.10
9060 Acronal 3250M Acrylic latex polymer designed for high performance coatings with UV resistance such as roof coatings. TL Totes $0.55
9061 Acronal 4263X Acrylic emulsion polymer TL Totes $0.48
9062 Vinnapas EZ 222, 50% A hydroxyethyl cellulose/surfactant stabilized vinyl acetate-ethylene (VAE) copolymer dispersion with a glass transition temperature (Tg) of +18.0C. It was developed to offer excellent sprayability and clear, flexible, water-resistant films. 47,988 Totes $0.45

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