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We Buy and Sell Surplus Chemicals

We are a buyer of surplus orphaned, over-aged and off-specification chemicals for beneficial re-use either in our own production or the secondary market. We are located in Greenville, SC–but we work globally, buying and shipping in over 20 countries internationally. We are able to quickly respond with reasonable offers for the immediate relief of your inventory. We’re a great ecological and economical solution alternative to disposal. Contact us to learn more!

When purchasing chemicals, we don’t have to have a buyer in place before relieving you of your inventory. This allows for very quick response times, reasonable offers, confidential transactions and safe handling.


We know chemicals are are able to make quick responses when it comes to acquiring inventory.

  • Financially capable, NLC good credit, cash if necessary. In business since 1997.
  • Space – free up needed warehouse space, immediate relief, eliminate storage costs of surplus chemicals.
  • Chemical expertise, knowing the products, decisiveness.
  • Closely held decision making authority by the individual NLC owners, eliminating bureaucracy.
  • Acquisition is not dependent on having an immediate buyer, we break the broker chain-link.
  • Own our own warehousing, over 200,000 ft²
Surplus Chemicals
We offer reasonable pricing for surplus chemicals.


What sounds reasonable is freeing capital  and getting rid of unnecessary fees you may be encountering for storage or disposal.

  • Recovery of working capital tied up in unusable inventory.
  • Fair price offers for condition of material.
  • Eliminates additional costs due to potential disposal fees that are unnecessary.
  • Eliminates additional costs due to ongoing storage fees.
  • Our purchase and capability of resale/reuse of the material considers it a product and not a waste stream.


We understand the confidentiality of your company and protecting brand equity is of utmost importance.

  • Protects brand equity of the manufacturer and their strategic marketplace.
  • Chemicals can be sold by generic chemical names, applications and markets.
  • Many materials may be used by NLC in our production of detergents.
  • We can export into most countries in the world, further protecting home markets, if that is a concern.
Confidential handling to protect brand equity.
We offer safe handling of surplus chemicals.


Rest assured we handle all of our chemicals in the most environmentally friendly manner.

  • Environmental Health & Safety manager onsite, full time, masters degreed.
  • DHEC, OSHA, EPA, Water treatment permitting is up-to-date with all regulatory requirements and has been audited within the last 12 months by respective officials.
  • Monthly training meetings on safety .
  • Member of the South Carolina Manufacturing Alliance (SCMA) and actively participate in the Chemical Council Committee of this organization as well as participation in the Local Emergency Planning Commission (LEPC) of Greenville County, SC.
  • We re-purpose surplus chemicals into the marketplace in a best case, most environmentally friendly solution.
  • Through the transaction process, our suppliers are relieved of liability for the surplus chemicals we take ownership of, and this can be formal if necessary.
  • Fully insured.
  • Partnering with JBR Environmental in the event we need disposal services or specialized environmental assistance.

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New Life Chemical and Equipment, Inc. is proud to call Greenville, SC it’s home, but we buy and ship in over 20 countries internationally. Whether you’re looking to sell surplus chemicals, chemicals that are off-specification or over-aged, we provide solutions that will allow for quick relief of your inventory (even if we don’t have a buyer). The warehouse is over 200,000 square feet. Click on the Facilities tab to take an online plant tour and view photos of our facility. Environmentally friendly? You bet! We go to great lengths to ensure that our chemicals are handled in the most environment friendly manner. You might also want to check out our repackaging services. We developed a way to destroy consumer packaging and salvage the product, recovering the plastic, product and cardboard – 100% recyclable!

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