New Life can serve all your powder repackaging and blending needs! We own and operate a Nauta conical auger mixer/blending operation right here in our facility in Greenville. It works by dropping dry powder products down into the blender, the auger stirs and pushes the material down to the next level, where we can package it into whatever type of package meets your needs.

We can package or repackage the following in any combination:



Supersacks Supersacks
Drums Drums
Boxes Boxes
Bags Bags

In addition, we have many safety measures in place to keep our staff and your products safe, as well as provide a near-food grade quality for your product. We have a full-time Environmental Health and Safety Manager who oversees all operations in our warehouses, as well as provides routine safety checks and training to ensure all staff is up to date with the latest safety measures. Our safety equipment includes:

    • An explosion proof fan
    • Explosion proof exit sign
    • Anti-static PPE for all employees dealing with combustible dust
    • Anti-static mat grounded to the stainless-steel kettle so no electric charge is made
    • Electric forklift
    • Close food contact pest control

Our staff is ready to serve you and any powder blending or repackaging project you have. Give us a call today for a quote, and we will be happy to answer any questions you may have.